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Sclerotherapy Training

Sclerotherapy Training for Doctors, Nurses, and Physicians

Medical professionals interested in the cosmetic side of medicine might be interested in training sclerotherapy courses. Sclerotherapy is the process of ridding unwanted veins by using a safe, injectable solution. About 75% of Americans suffer from these unwanted veins and seek treatment for removing them. By offering sclerotherapy services, you’re able to capitalize on helping these clients feel comfortable and confident within their skin.

During our sclerotherapy training courses, we teach you the latest, most advanced, and safest techniques for treating clientele. The classroom portion of this class is led by leading medical professionals who have been in this industry for years. They cover vein anatomy, complications, contraindications, injection techniques, medical protocols, and sclerosing detergents.

The hands-on portion of our sclerotherapy training course covers practicing on real clients within an actual medical spa environment. Our expert instructors will demonstrate as well as be by your side upon injecting these clients. You will be using FDA-approved solutions to safely and effectively treat these clients as well as to hone your skills. Our class sizes are kept small so everyone has multiple chances to treat many clients.

CME and CE Sclerotherapy Courses

Interested in earning CE or CME credits? Our sclerotherapy training courses, as well as many other of our medical aesthetic courses, offer medical professionals credits upon course completion. By enrolling in our sclerotherapy training course, you will learn the skills and information needed to successfully integrate sclerotherapy into your practice as well as to safely treat your clients.

National Laser Institute is the leading medical aesthetic school in the nation and is recognized as a gold standard of education. We have been around for over a decade and are dedicated to providing a high level of educational excellence.

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