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Laser Tattoo Removal School

Because of the vast improvements made in recent tattoo removal technology, laser tattoo removal school is one of the fastest growing sectors in medical aesthetics training. Previous generation technology broke the top layer of the skin, which resulted in slow-to-heal, painful scarring and open wounds. The latest technology targets the ink directly and stimulates the ink to fade away, avoiding dreadful side effects of scarring, wounds, pain, and downtime. If you are considering laser tattoo removal school, National Laser Institute is truly the best choice.

What Will I Learn In Laser Tattoo Removal School?

Our laser tattoo removal school classes are small and personal, taught by leaders in the medical aesthetics industry as well as marketing experts to help you get your new laser tattoo removal practice off and running. This is truly a niche market with tons of opportunity for growth. We offer both didactic and hands-on training, including Tissue Interaction, Wavelengths and Laser Selection, Pre & Post Procedural Care, Treatment Contraindications, Treatment Plans and Tattoo Type. You will treat real clients and gain exposure to different skin types and tattoos in a beautiful retail spa environment. Call us today—we are here to answer all of your questions about laser tattoo removal school.