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Botox Certification for Registered Nurses

registered nurse botox certificationHave you found yourself typing something along the lines of, “Botox certification for registered nurses” into your search engine?

You aren’t alone. More RNs than you realize are doing the exact same thing.

Why though?

Something truly tragic has happened to the field of nursing. In response to Covid-19, thousands of nurses are exiting the profession. In a pandemic that took the world by viral storm, nurses became front line workers in a war against a microscopic enemy. Suddenly, without much warning or protection, nurses were asked to be the frontline against the deadly illness.

Undoubtedly, nurses are lionhearted and giving. But maybe we asked too much of them. Suddenly, the women and men of the 1000-year-old profession were put in a position that quite literally went above and beyond the call of duty.

We’ve asked too much

As a result of Covid-19, the state of hospitals and widespread despair tattered the mental health of many medical professionals. Nurses were no exception. In the case of no training (or time to train for that matter) people suffered. Furthermore, many nurses were given limited supplies of personal protective equipment and shoved into very scary, all too real situations.

Suddenly, as a nurse working in the Petri dish of disease, you became the most dangerous threat to your family. No amount of scrubbing your body or stripping in the garage before entering your house was enough.

The aftermath of the ongoing virus has crippled many medical professionals in a very profound way. As a consequence, their mental health has been battered with a wrecking ball and they are grappling to find solid ground.

You might be one of those health care workers. You might not be.

But either way…

Maybe. Just maybe. Enough is enough.

Change for a New Start:

There are jobs out there in the field that you love that are fulfilling and less dangerous. They also don’t carry the same heightened risk of infection or heartbreak either.

You know this and that’s precisely why you’re inquiring about Botox certification for registered nurses. You know there is more out there that could give you peace of mind that you so desperately need.

Botox certification for registered nurses can get you where you want to be. Finding a place in medical aesthetics might just be the place you belong. Especially after what you’ve been through and seen in recent months.

Imagine a Calm, Relaxing Work Environment:

Generally, aesthetic nurses (the official name for registered nurses with Botox and other injectables certification) have more laid back work days.

They work in fitness centers, low key health spas, medical spas and niche boutiques too. They also work in physicians’ offices, for plastic surgeons, dermatologists and OB/GYNS.

Ahhh…the hours:

Can you imagine working the hours of a dermatologist? Or a plastic surgeon? Or an OB/GYN?

Okay, forget the OB/GYN their non-clinic, after-hours are horrible and wholly unpredictable. Don’t aspire to work their hours.

Nonetheless, generally speaking, aesthetic nurses don’t work the same hectic hours as their traditional nursing counterparts. Instead, as one that has obtained Botox certification for registered nurses, you will find yourself working nice, steady, calm, banker’s hours. Your shift will begin and end at a scheduled time. You won’t miss lunch or pee breaks anymore. You’ll also have holidays and weekends off with your family (you decide if that’s a good thing).

There’s so much more:

Better yet? As a medical aesthetics nurse, you won’t have to reinsert catheters pulled by confused patients. You won’t leave work in tears with blood on your shoes. Moreover, you won’t fight your body’s natural rhythm to stay up all night to answer call lights.

The pay!

According to ZipRecruiter, aesthetic nurses make a average of $85,621 annually. On that same token, the site reports that RNs working in the U.S. make an annual average of $70,335.

Obviously, we don’t have to breakdown the disparity in pay. It’s clear that aesthetic nurses make much, much more than RNs in traditional settings.

What do aesthetic nurses do?

As a certified aesthetic nurse, you will give injections including Botox, dermal fillers and Sclerotherapy. You’ll also provide skin treatments and therapy like chemical peels, Photofacial, microdermabrasion and provide light therapy. Additionally, you will use sophisticated cosmetic lasers for tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, hair removal and much, much more.

Don’t get us wrong:

As we mentioned before, nursing is the noblest of jobs. As an RN, you fight the good fight. You self-sacrifice to save others. We salute you for your service and time on the job. With Botox certification for registered nurses, we’re just showing you a viable (fantastic) alternative.

Botox Certification for Registered Nurses: Getting There

We have even better news! The road to Botox certification for registered nurses isn’t long at all. I’m fact, in two weeks or less, we can have you certified and on your way to the next part of your career!

At National Laser Institute we offer CE/CME Online Cosmetic Injection Course. The course, which can be completed in two weeks or less, is ideal for registered nurses like you! It is, in fact, exactly what you searched for when you searched for: Botox certification for registered nurses!

In fact, in far less time than it likely took you to get any of your other professional certifications, you will leave National Laser Institute with a new arsenal of skills and knowledge. Thus, you will have the ability to guide your nursing career in a completely different (calmer, more tranquil, less stressful…) direction.


Cosmetic nursing in the field of medical aesthetics for the win!


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Your start in Botox certification for registered nurses is long overdue!

During our CE/CME Online Cosmetic Injections Course you will receive online classroom and demonstrations on:

– Botox

– Dermal fillers

– Off label Botox and fillers


– Sclerotherapy

– Kybella

– PDO threads

Then choose one of our nationwide locations to attend your clinicals for hands-on learning!