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“Join me on my journey as we discover how aestheticians, nurses, physicians, and complete career changers are living their passion in this booming billion-dollar medical aesthetics industry.” -Louis Silberman

Are you working in a career that no longer fulfills you mentally or financially? Medical aesthetics is the 16 billion dollar booming business that will welcome you with open arms. When career changers put in the work and challenge themselves to learn new skills and tools, they succeed in chasing their passions. Medical aesthetics and cosmetic lasers can help you chase your passions and live out your dreams. We learn about one of National Laser Institute’s career changers, Debbie, in Louis Silberman’s weekly podcast, “Pursue Your Passion.” Watch how Debbie went from welding to cosmetic lasers; beautifying faces instead of glass.

What’s Driving the Growth Behind this Industry?

Ingenious Minds Work Together to Create Innovative Technology

According to Grand View Research, “The global aesthetic medicine market size was valued at USD 63.5 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.6% from 2022 to 2030.” The medical aesthetics market shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Because of this, innovative technology developed for non-invasive body procedures are discovered quite often. In summary, the future of technology and lasers will continue to move forward as different ways to achieve surgical results with non-surgical methods appear.

Steady Market Growth Rate Means Money for You

Another reason for career changers and aestheticians alike to dive into this industry is the money. According to, “the cosmetic laser technician salary in Phoenix, AZ is $52,289 as of January 27, 2022, but the salary range typically falls between $47,213 and $60,024.” In addition, many cosmetic laser technicians and medical aestheticians set up a commission-based pay structure as well as base salary.

How did Debbie Come to be a Career Changer?

Firstly, Louis inquires about Debbie’s early life. Debbie was born in LA and went to college; She also jokes that she spent 5 years getting her AA. Meanwhile, when Louis asks what she was studying, Debbie adds humorously,

career changer, Debbie“This is the funny part, I was kind of into psychology and stuff and now fast forward to being in lasers, when people have their clothes off and they’re laying on your bed, they tell you everything.”

Secondly, Debbie married at 22 and had kids at a young age. With this in mind, she remarks that she was fortunate to spend their early childhood years raising them at home. However, as her children grew, Debbie got into art projects and decided to become a welder. Following that, Debbie was a glass blower and enjoyed that career for 8 years.

Conversely, when Louis asks Debbie about a tragic event that happened in her life, she responds, “My first husband was killed in an accident actually, right after we moved here, six weeks afterward he was killed in an accident.” Debbie bravely replies that you cannot just crawl into bed and not live life, not with kids. “You have to keep them going,” Debbie says.

What was it About Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetic Lasers that is so Interesting?

To illustrate, Debbie talks about how growing up in Los Angeles, she was already drawn to the business of medical aesthetics. In addition, Debbie talks about coming from a hairy family, so she was interested in waxing from the age of 16. Nonetheless, she got into this business by accident: Debbie was a client at National Laser Institute and her start in this business was a direct result. Debbie became a career changer and joined the medical aesthetic and cosmetic laser industry.

“It’s not just about beauty, it’s about rebuilding and feeling good.” -Louis Silberman

Services Offered at National Laser Institute’s MedSpa

1. Photofacial

Debbie offers Photofacials for sun spots, capillary damage, sun damage, and age spots. Photofacials also treat rosacea, some acne scarring, and freckling.

2. Laser Hair Removal

In addition, Debbie offers laser hair removal. Laser hair removal can treat a variety of different body parts.

3. Cellulite Treatment

Another service she offers is cellulite treatment. Cellulite treatment improves the look of cellulite by firming and smoothing the surface area of the skin.

4. Acne Reduction Treatment

As well as that, Debbie offers acne reduction treatment. Acne reduction treatments kill the bacteria within the skin that causes acne and improves the look of acne scarring and redness of the area.

5. Skin Tightening

Additionally, Debbie offers skin tightening. Skin tightening is a revolutionary way to tighten and firm the skin without surgery. It treats skin laxity on the arms, abdomen, neck, or face.

6. Fractional Treatment

A personal favorite treatment Debbie offers is the fractional laser treatment. It can do everything from rebuilding collagen, to treating age/sun spots, and shrinking pores.

Louis wonders what Debbie finds the most rewarding about her position. She responds,

“It’s nice to give people their self-confidence back. It’s nice to make people realize everybody is their own worst enemy…sometimes people see things that I’m like don’t even talk about it! Nobody will notice that until you bring it up.”

To sum up, Debbie really strikes a chord in saying everybody is their own worst enemy, because it’s true. However, medical aesthetics can help people become their best version of themselves. Clients can walk into a medical aesthetic spa with a concern that seems so minimal. The best part of being a cosmetic laser technician is welcoming clients with understanding and kindness to help them feel better about themselves.

Instructing at National Laser Institute

Furthermore, Louis recognizes great talent and snagged Debbie for his team of instructors. National Laser Institute’s school of medical aestheticians, laser technicians, and career changers are taught by top medical aestheticians on the latest techniques.  When Lou asks what Debbie’s perspective is of meeting her students, she replies “They come in, they’re nervous, but they can’t wait to get their hands on everything. For example, school starts on a Saturday, and by Wednesday, the students are confident enough to feel like they can run the med spa!”

Become one of National Laser Institute’s Career Changers and Live Out Your Passions!

Are you interested in chasing your dreams and starting a new career or becoming one of our many career changers? Enroll at National Laser Institute today. Click here to contact us and live out your passions in this booming industry.


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