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Fast Trade School Programs

Do you want to get into the workforce in two years or less? If yes, it’s important to consider the different options you have when you are looking into fast trade school programs. You have various paths to choose from including a 2 year Associate’s Degree or training in Culinary, Dental Hygiene, Massage Therapy, Pharmacy Tech, or Clinical Research Coordination. But did you know that becoming a Cosmetic Laser Technician is the quickest and most affordable path to the best healthcare career opportunities? At National Laser Institute, you can pursue the top career opportunities and become a Cosmetic Laser Technician in just two weeks!

Fast Trade School Programsfastest trade school paths with cost involvment listed

If you are ready and would like to enter the workforce as soon as possible, why not become a cosmetic laser technician? Get the best training at National Laser Institute’s fast trade school programs including cosmetic laser technician education. National Laser Institute offers the industry gold standard in Cosmetic Laser training to graduates after their two weeks of both didactic and hands-on training.

Do You Want to Dive Right Into Your Education?

In other degrees of study, you may be required to take a large number of courses that are not related to your field of study. This wastes both your time and money. Case in point, time spent in class is not time spent in the workforce. Why wait when you can start making money in only 2 weeks with a cosmetic laser technician certificate of training from National Laser Institute?

Let’s Talk Money

A cosmetic laser technician’s salary is important to consider when choosing your career path. According to, laser technicians on average make around $43.7k to $49.1k per year. In addition, most cosmetic laser technicians make commissions, making their earning potential even stronger.

Job Outlook for Cosmetic Laser Technicians

The market trend reveals a growing desire for people to look and feel younger. As a result, the job outlook for cosmetic laser technicians is increasingly positive. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a projected 17% growth in job positions for aspiring cosmetic laser technicians.

What is Required to be a Cosmetic Laser Technician

Important to note, you only need to be at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma, or its equivalent, and a love for aesthetics.

What Does a Cosmetic Laser Technician Do?

There are a variety of lasers that laser technicians can use to treat a variety of issues. A few treatments you will be able to provide your clientele are laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, and spider vein treatment. In addition, cosmetic laser technicians remove age spots, balance texture, and tone, remove sun spots, and tighten skin for total rejuvenation.

What Are The Perks of Working in a MedSpa?

Surrounded by Beauty

Firstly, one of the perks of working in a Medical Spa is that you get to be surrounded by beauty every day. The daily clientele will come in for a variety of beauty-enhancing treatments to treat skin blemishes or to feel good about themselves. As well as that, the benefits of working in a career where you make people feel beautiful and confident is immeasurable.

In addition to making clients feel beautiful, you will be able to book repeat clientele. Moreover, you get to be a part of your customer’s lives. As well as that, building trust in clientele leads to repeat business, which means steady money.

Love Learning

Secondly, continuing education gives you opportunities to learn exciting new procedures and technology. Every day, new processes and technologies are being developed to nip, pick, tuck, and enhance natural beauty. A career as a cosmetic laser technician will give you the chance to be knowledgeable about new and exciting technology.

Working Hours

Lastly, another important perk to consider is the work/life balance each career path has to offer. Cosmetic laser technicians work daytime hours with flexible schedules.

Cosmetic Laser Technician as a Fast Trade-School Program

Each path there will be to choose from is going to involve time and money. Imagine working a fulfilling career as a cosmetic laser technician. With this in mind, with the knowledge that you got the most out of your time and money. Advantageously, at National Laser Institute, earning your Cosmetic Laser Technician certificate of training is a two-week program. After only two weeks, you will leave with the confidence and the knowledge to do your job well. National Laser Institute loves to be a part of graduate success stories.

“The National Laser Institute has provided me with the proper education, knowledge, and hands-on training that I feel is essential in today’s market in aesthetics. The hands-on training and the theory have given me the confidence that will help in my job search. My teacher was an extraordinary person whom I have a lot of respect for–she is extremely intelligent, well-experienced, very informative, and congenial. She makes sure everybody understands the theory of laser hair removal and treated all students equal and fair, she is absolutely congenial. I definitely recommend her as a teacher. She’s the best, which made the class all the fun especially during the hands-on training when we were all so busy. I definitely would recommend this school because I feel it was well worth the price. The curriculum I feel was intense but gave me the proper knowledge and information, which I feel anybody should know who wants to do laser hair removal. Beats a five-hour seminar any day. The staff was all very pleasant and courteous which truly impressed me, whereas normally it is so uncommon in this day and age. So it was like family, a comfortable feeling.” – Terri E.

If you are interested in becoming a National Laser Institute graduate, please click here to speak to one of our advisors about one of your fast trade school program opportunities!

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