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Cellulite Reduction Offers Clients Smoother, More Toned Body

Cellulite Reduction for Toned BodyWould you be surprised if we told you it is estimated that 89 percent of all women over the age of 20 have cellulite?

This is a growing concern for most women, and it is unbiased to age or body type.

Generally, cellulite is inevitable and directly related to the many changes the body goes through and other external factors.

Clients looking to achieve a smoother, more toned body no longer need to turn to pricey plastic surgery options to eliminate cellulite. The medical aesthetics industry offers cellulite reduction treatments that can be completed during an in-office procedure in as little as 30 minutes.

Cellulite Reduction for a Toned Body

Cellulite is a fat tissue-related disorder accompanied by visible characteristics such as a dimply texture much like an orange peel or cottage cheese. It typically occurs in specific areas of the body like the hips, thighs and buttocks. 

The causes of cellulite include an individual’s diet, stress levels, hydration, environmental exposure, daily physical activity, genetics and hormonal fluctuations.

Perhaps the most common cause of cellulite is poor circulation. The key to treating cellulite is to stimulate and trigger a physical response from the areas by boosting blood circulation and fat metabolism.

Cellulite reduction is a non-invasive treatment for body contouring that addresses the upper and lower layers of the dermis to reduce the size of fat cells.

A cellulite procedure is administered through a handheld device, which emits light energies and bi-polar radiofrequency (RF), that targets cellulite while the gentle massaging and suction works to disperse it. Most people say it’s similar to a warm, deep tissue massage.

As a medical aesthetics treatment provider, you will learn that eight to 10 cellulite treatments will produce the best results. However, the total number of procedures depends on the condition of the client’s skin.

Medical Aesthetics Training at National Laser Institute

Are you looking for a new and exciting career opportunity? In as little as two weeks, National Laser Institute offers medical aesthetics training to become a cosmetic laser tech.

Each course combines didactic theory with clinical hands-on training for the most comprehensive learning experience.

You will be taught by some of the industry’s leading physicians, nurses, skin care specialists, cosmetic laser techs and medical aesthetics experts who have seven to 20 years of experience in the field.

Once the didactic theory portion is complete, clinicals will take place in our state-of-the-art medical spa environment. You will watch comprehensive laser demonstrations in addition to administering a variety of treatment modalities.

By the end of training, you will feel comfortable and confident in performing treatments such as laser hair removal, wrinkle reduction, cellulite reduction, body contouring and laser tattoo removal.

If you are ready to turn your medical aesthetics dreams into a reality, fill out the form on your right or give us a call at 1-800-872-6817 to learn more about cosmetic laser training.