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Creative Ways to Add Cosmetic Laser Treatments to Your Business

After Hailey Tillman of Plano, Texas received her cosmetic laser training, the only thing left standing in her way was finding a job within the industry. She had put in applications with a few medical spas in her area before she came up with a better idea. “I sort of took the reins in my own hands,” Tillman said. “I ended up calling some local family practices, dermatology clinic, and doctor’s offices to see if they were looking to add cosmetic laser treatments to their experience.”

Tillman says that she started talking to a lovely woman who ran a dermatology clinic a few miles down the road. At first, the woman didn’t seem to want to add cosmetic laser treatments, but Tillman managed to explain how fast the industry was growing and how laser treatments could significantly impact her clinic.

“She asked me to stop by the clinic later that evening,” Tillman continued. “We ended up talking for about two hours, and she definitely thought my idea had potential. In the end, we worked out a deal, and two weeks from that day, I was performing laser treatments.”

Tillman isn’t the only cosmetic laser technician who’s taken matters into her own hands. Because the cosmetic laser industry is booming, more and more physicians and dermatologists are wanting to add cosmetic lasers to their business. This is because last year, Americans spent over 12 billion dollars on cosmetic procedures, and 83% of those treatments were non-surgical–like laser hair removal or cosmetic facial injections.

Also, cosmetic laser treatments don’t come with the hassle of insurance. This means that you make 100% off of whatever price you charge for procedures.

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