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Stop the 6 Most Annoying Body Flaws with Cosmetic Laser Training

Laser training has spiked in popularity over the past decade, making the medical aesthetics industry a billion dollar market. This may be because cosmetic laser treatments are more affordable, effective, and require no downtime in comparison to plastic surgery treatments.

People looking to rid fine lines and wrinkles, gain a healthy glow, rejuvenate their skin complexion, and look years younger enjoy laser treatments because they’re quick and virtually painless. Most results appear immediately!

Because of these phenomenal technological beauty advancements, laser training allows laser technicians to rid some of the top most frustrating skin issues. Clients prefer cosmetic laser treatments because laser technology has improved vastly throughout the years, enabling faster, better, and more effective results.

To prove it, we’ve listed the top 6 most frustrating skin flaws that can be improved with the use of laser technology and laser training!

1. Unwanted hair – Laser hair reduction is excellent for getting rid of unwanted body hair, especially hair that causes itchy and blotchy rashes. Laser hair reduction treatments can be performed almost anywhere, including popular areas like legs, underarms, stomach, back, arms, bikini, Brazilian, chest, neck, and more.

2. Acne – This is probably the biggest skin concern for most people, especially since it has the power to lower confidence. There are a handful of cosmetic laser treatments that are able to improve the skin from acne scars or acne without harsh medications, scrubs, or awful smells. It IS possible to have smooth, flawless skin with these high tech laser treatments.

3. Wrinkles – Wrinkles are another huge skin concern for most people, which is why there are tons of cosmetic laser and injectable treatments that work anti-aging wonders. Botox, dermal fillers, fractional laser, MicroLaserPeels, radio frequency, and many others are able to combat wrinkles, giving clients a smoother and more youthful look.

4. Unwanted tattoos – Many people consider their tattoos a regret. Instead of using topical creams and waiting forever for them to fade, multiple treatments of laser tattoo removal can flush tattoo pigment out through the body’s lymphatic system with this safe treatment. Laser tattoo removal is one of the fastest laser treatments, which means clients save tons of time as well as money.

5. Cellulite – Dimpled and uneven skin can be embarrassing, especially when summer and swimsuit season arrives. Cellulite removal treatments are ideal for those who want to rid the appearance of cellulite from their skin. It’s a virtually painless treatment that uses both vacuum sucking and a heated massage to rid cellulite from the body.

6. Sun damage – Sun damage can include unsightly skin imperfections like brown spots and wrinkles. One popular cosmetic treatment that is able to combat sun damage is photofacials, a type of IPL treatment that breaks up unwanted red and brown pigment while helping stimulate collagen.

Laser training at National Laser Institute prepares you to treat all of these skin imperfections and more. As the leader in the medical aesthetics industry, we are committed to student’s success, giving you hands-on training with state-of-the-art equipment as well as detailed class lectures from expert instructors who have been in this industry for up to 15 years.

Training also takes place in a retail medical spa environment, where you will receive hands-on clinical instruction with state-of-the-art cosmetic lasers and practice techniques on scheduled clients in order to gain the confidence to perform these treatments on your own clients. We believe that both in-classroom and clinical type of training fully prepares students for the real world medical aesthetic environment.

There are many medical aesthetic schools out there, but National Laser Institute is recognized as the Harvard of cosmetic laser schools. To learn more about laser training, laser treatments, or National Laser Institute, please call 800.982.6817.