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The Widespread Growth of Laser Hair Removal Schools

laser hair removal schoolsOver a decade ago, there was little regulation over cosmetic laser technology. Those who wanted to become trained in performing laser hair removal typically had to go directly to the manufacturer. After an hour or two of showing you the basics, it was considered acceptable to go out and start performing laser treatments on your own clients. That’s a little scary, right?

The first school to pioneer a cosmetic laser training program for lasers was National Laser Institute. As laser technology started to become more popular, more states tightened up their regulation on who could perform treatments and how many hours of both classroom and hands-on training these professionals needed to have. National Laser Institute built a curriculum around many state’s regulations and created a successful laser hair removal school.

There are now many laser hair removal schools and classes across the country, but it’s important to make sure they will meet your state’s requirements and regulations. Although it may feel convenient to attend a laser hair removal school nearby, they may not offer everything you need to become successful or practice laser safety.

Laser hair removal courses are tailored for aestheticians, beauty professionals, medical professionals, and those seeking a career change. By enrolling in a laser hair removal school you’re not only giving yourself the opportunity to train, but also the opportunity to learn the detailed safety metrics and a deeper level of understanding when it comes to laser technology. Where can you receive this type of training? National Laser Institute.

Laser Hair Removal School Training

laser hair removal schoolsKnown as the Harvard of laser hair removal schools, National Laser Institute is known for its reputation as well as having over a decade of educational excellence. We not only offer laser hair removal classes, but comprehensive laser courses that cover services such as IPL photofacial skin rejuvenation, radiofrequency skin tightening, laser tattoo removal, acne therapy, laser stretch mark removal, and much more.

Our comprehensive laser course is taught by industry experts who have spent years in the medical aesthetics industry. We keep our classes small in order to give each individual the personal attention and help they need. Our clinical training takes place within a luxury medical spa facility. Attendees will be treating real clients in order to gain real world and first hand experience. Our professional instructors are right by your side the entire time!

This comprehensive laser course can be complete in just two weeks! After that you can be on your way to safely and effectively treating your own clientele. To learn more, simply call us at 800.982.6817.

Some of the objectives covered in this class include:

  • Laser safety
  • The Fitzpatrick scale
  • Biophysics
  • Tissue interaction
  • Pre and post care
  • Laser techniques
  • Laser equipment functions
  • + Much more

Cosmetic Laser Night Classes 

We understand that everyone’s schedule is different and that not everyone can attend a two week training course. This is why we also offer cosmetic laser night classes! These classes run Monday – Friday from 6pm – 10pm. However, spaces are very limited. To learn more or to get started with the enrollment process, simply fill out the form on your right.

Learn More from Our Webinar

Aren’t sure if you want to jump into laser hair removal training right away? We understand! In order for you to learn more information and to gain a deeper understanding about the industry, services, and our courses we offer free monthly webinars!

Our webinars are hosted by leading industry professionals as well as President and Founder of National Laser Institute, Louis Silberman. These webinars allow you to participate in a live Q&A, show you live treatment demonstrations, teach you more about our classes as well as the industry, and much more.

Want to sign up for our next webinar? Simply view our page and fill out the form! You can also watch a sneak peek of our webinar below!