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Does Botox Make You Happier?

A recent clinical study that has been covered by the New York Times and the Washington post has shown that Botox makes people feel better. Sometimes conventional wisdom is proven true by science. We have all experienced wearing that new pair of pants that fit perfect and feeling great about it. Think of how you felt when you loved a recent hair cut. So if Botox injections help reduce wrinkles and make you look better, why shouldn’t the research demonstrate that it makes you feel better?

Louis Silberman, Founder and CEO of National Laser Institute, one of the largest providers of Botox treatments in the country was not surprised by this new study.

“Our business has always been about not only looking better, but feeling better. People always ask me why my staff and our clients are so happy… I guess the secret is out.”

Silberman went on to say that the dramatic increase in the use of Botulinum Toxin Type A (the medical name for Botox) is not just because it reduces wrinkles. “Botox is becoming like coffee, “ says Silberman. “People start because they like the taste, but soon they are addicted to the way it makes them feel.”

The research study was conducted by Dr. Eric Finzi, MD, PhD and Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal, MD was first published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research. As with any research, more study is always necessary to show absolute proof, but for those in this industry, like Silberman or dedicated clients who use Botox, the results of the research seem clear as day.