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This Is The Reason Why All Medical Professionals Need Cosmetic Injectable Training

Why Medical Professionals Need Injectable Training

On a recent preview of Botched, Rajee–a transgender woman–is featured discussing her cosmetic injectable treatment gone wrong. She received a cosmetic injectable treatment at a pumping party, which is a party that happens outside of a medical office where unknown injections are administered into the skin.

First of all–WHAT? Cosmetic injectables should always be performed by a trained medical professional in a medical or medical spa environment. There are so many safety precautions that should be followed before providing injections, and trained medical professionals know how to follow those requirements.

Secondly, you should ALWAYS know what you’re injecting into your body! FDA approved and recently reported as very safe cosmetic injectable treatments include Botox and dermal fillers. These treatments are designed to enhance beauty, diminish signs of aging, and contour your overall appearance the way you desire. Injecting harmful substances, even cement!, can not only produce disfiguring results, but could seriously harm or even kill you.

This is why medical professionals should receive cosmetic injectable training. In order to provide safe and effective Botox and dermal filler treatments, you first need to partake in a training course. Not only does training teach you about the safety surrounding cosmetic injections, but it also gives you the opportunity to receive hands-on practice under the supervision of expert instructors.

While you should never accept cosmetic injectable treatment from someone who is not a medical professional, you also shouldn’t receive treatment from a medical professional who hasn’t been certified. Doctors, nurses, and other qualified medical professionals can receive cosmetic injectable training from National Laser Institute. NLI is the leading cosmetic injectable school in the nation and offers hands-on Botox, dermal filler, sclerotherapy, and laser training courses + much more.

With National Laser Institute’s cosmetic injectable courses, attendees learn from leading experts in the medical aesthetic field. Hands-on training gives attendees opportunities to improve techniques on real clients in a medical spa setting. Medical professionals will learn cosmetic injectable safety, pre and post procedure care, injection techniques, and more. Medical professionals also earn CME or CE credit upon course completion.

National Laser Institute has been around for the last decade and has trained countless medical professionals from across the globe. Receive your cosmetic injectable certification from the very best. To learn more, simply call 1-800-982-6817 or fill out our form on the right.