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22 Uses for Botox That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

uses for botox

Botox injections are the #1 nonsurgical cosmetic treatment that are typically used to treat forehead lines and crows feet for rejuvenating anti-aging results. Because Botox injections are used for both cosmetic and medical purposes, this treatment has come in handy in numerous different ways. If you think you know Botox treatments, think again.

The bacterium for Botox was first discovered in 1895 and has since then been heavily studied. In 1988, Allergan, Botox’s current manufacturer, acquired permission to distribute Botox as a treatment product. In 1989, Botox was approved for medical use by the FDA. In 2002, Botox was approved for cosmetic use. Today, Botox injections are used in over 81 countries and have been in over 2,100 different publications.

Botox is predicted to have 18 million in sales by 2018, showing signs of incredible growth throughout the next few years. Botox has also recently been acquired by Actavis Pharmaceutical from Allergan in a $66 billion dollar deal.

Now, let’s find out those uses for Botox that you may not have heard of.

22. Sweaty Underarms
Embarrassed of those revolting pit stains? Botox injections can help! Botox injections can help relieve excessive underarm sweating. “Botox for the underarms needs to be injected every 3 to 6 months and is very individual in its longevity,” says Hratch Karamanoukian, MD.

21. Sagging Neck
Do you desire a tighter, less flabby looking neck? Botox injections may be able to help, but Dr. Few warns it comes with it’s risks. “By relaxing the muscle band, the skin appears to droop less,” says Julius W. Few, MD.

20. Bladder Control
Botox injections were FDA approved to help bladder control. By relaxing the muscles around the bladder, it helps relieve the overacting bladder–which contracts and gives people a need to urinate.

19. Gummy Smile
“Botox may lower the upper lip to not be able to show the gum line when you smile,” reports Ronald Shelton, MD. If too much gum is preventing you from giving a glamorous smile, Botox injections may be able to help!

18. Migraines
Are chronic headaches getting in the way of your daily life? Botox injections help relax the muscles that may be causing this terrible tension. “Patients that had migraines due to tension in the forehead have benefited from Botox,” according to Grace Liu, MD.

17. Vacation Breasts
A NYC doctor coined the term “vacation breasts” as a treatment that gives women’s breasts a boost with Botox. Right now these vacation breasts only last 24 hours, but this could help many women’s decision about whether or not to gain augmentation since it is temporary.

16. Teeth Grinding
If teeth grinding or mashing is a bad habit, Botox injections may be able to help. “Botox can be injected into the masseter muscles to help alleviate bruxism or teeth grinding,” states Vincent D. Lepore, MD.

15. Lifting Eyebrows
If a low brow is troubling you, Botox can help alleviate it by giving you a more youthful appearance. “Most people can expect up to 2 millimeters of lift, which sounds like a little but in the face is usually enough for a noticeable improvement,” says Jordana Gilman, MD.

14. Chin Dimples
Because Botox works to smooth wrinkles and uneven skin, it can help reduce the appearance of chin dimples. “Botox is a great way to relax lines and dimples in the chin caused by hyperactive muscles,” states Elizabeth F. Rostan, MD.

13. Muscle and Eye Spasms
Another use for Botox is treating eye spasms as well as some muscle spasms. Because Botox paralyzes the muscle temporarily, it’s able to help prevent these spasms. “Botox treatments to relax the eyelid muscle contributing to the “twitching” called essential blepharospasm,” says John Philip Connors III, MD.

12. Poker Face
According to the Huffington Post, more and more people are using Botox to obtain the ultimate poker face for poker competitions.

11. Brotox
There has been a 310% increase in Brotox (Botox for men) in the last decade. While Botox has been woman dominated, it seems as though men are also wanting to look their best as well.

10. Eczema
This one is still being studied, but a 24-year old model claimed that Botox cured her eczema. A 2012 Edinburgh University study states that Botox can become a possible remedy for Botox.

9. Spasmodic Dysphonia
Spasmodic dysphonia is a rare vocal disorder when vocal muscles spasm or tighten. Botox has acted as a remedy in a spasmodic dysphonia patient, allowing him to sing and speak freely again.

8. Arthritis Pain
Botox is still being studied for arthritis pain, but many arthritis suffers say it works for them. When injected into certain muscles that are experiencing pain from arthritis, it helps relieve and relax them.

7. Cancer
Using Botox to treat cancer is also still being studied, but a recent study at Columbia University found that it may slow the growth of cancer tumors in mice.

6. Depression
Another clinical study reported that Botox has made people feel better and could act in helping relieve depression.

5. Shingle Pain
Another study reported Botox can be used to treat pain associated with shingles by blocking the release of chemicals involved in nerve transmission.

4. Blepharospasm (Uncontrolled Blinking)
Botox is approved to treat those who suffer from blepharospasm, uncontrolled muscle spasms in the eyes. When injected into eye muscles, Botox is able to help relieve these spasms for up to 3 months.

3. Sweaty Palms
Just like Botox can help prevent excessively sweaty underarms, it can also help reduce sweaty palms. “Botox injected into the palms and fingers for excessive hand sweating can work wonders,” reported Jessica J. Krant, MD, MPH.

2. For Your Lady Bits
For some women, sex can be painful to the point of being unenjoyable. The vaginal muscles don’t relax, which can make sex impossible for some couples. Medical professionals are able to inject Botox into vaginal muscles so that they relax, making sex more enjoyable.

1. Smoker’s Lines
Are smokers lines adding to your age? A combination of Botox and Juvederm fillers can help. “The Botox can be used to help relax the lines and the Juvederm can be used to fill them in,” says D.J. Verret, MD.

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