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5 Misconceptions About Botox Training

Doctors Nurses Botox Training

1) Anyone Can Get Botox Training

The laws vary from state to state regarding who is allowed to inject Botox and with what amount of supervision. As Botox is a controlled substance, injectors should be nurses or physicians. Therefore, not everyone can take Botox training. You must be a licensed medical professional including a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or registered nurse to inject Botox.

2) Practicing on Fruit is The Only Hands-On Training Available

While this may be true at some training institutions, at the National Laser Institute, during the clinical segment of our Botox training you will gain hands-on experience while working in small groups with real clients. Our small class sizes coupled with our hands-on training with real clients is rated second to none.  This training environment is unique because we employ a full-time team of 15 phone operators who are calling and booking real clients for our students to train on.  This means we have clients scheduled for you during your training, so you can go out into the working world comfortable and confident in your new skill set.

3) The Primary Motivation for Botox Training Is Money

While Botox training will provide you with major earning potential, it’s not just about the money it will make for you. The most important part of Botox injection training is learning how to put the needs of your patients first.

The goal of Botox training is to perfect the health and appearance of your patients. As a medical esthetic practitioner, it is your duty to provide treatment with the best interests of your patient at heart. This duty supersedes all other considerations including financial and emotional concerns.

The risks associated with providing Botox injections to your patients are greatly reduced by the training provided by the National Laser Institute. We teach our students how to put the needs of the patient first. Our educators mentor our students to use reserve their ethical judgement to determine whether or not a client can receive Botox injections based on their medical history as well as emotional and financial capacity.

4) You Don’t Need To Have An Artistic Eye To Inject Botox

It’s fair to say the most successful aesthetic medicine practitioners have mastered the ability to perform medical treatments with an artful eye. If you are a doctor or a nurse who loves the creativity of aesthetics and are also passionate about the science behind helping people feel and look their best, you can merge your passions for science and creativity with Botox training.

Creativity comes into play as each patient is unique with different genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors to take into account. Successful Botox injectors understand beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Your Botox training should educate you on how to treat your patients according to their individual concerns and with respect for their aesthetic preferences. You will need to learn how to help your patients look refreshed, lifted, and more awake, without it being obvious they had something “done”.

5) It Doesn’t Matter Where You Get Your Botox Training

While some feel it doesn’t matter where you get your Botox training, we believe diversity in expertise matters. At the National Laser Institute, we are honored to work together with a diverse group of aesthetic industry leaders who also teach at our school. You will learn from our instructors who are also successful plastic surgeons, dermatologists, aesthetic nurses, skincare consultants, and marketing veterans.

During your training you will have an expert instructor with 5-20 years of experience in the field.  This unparalleled pool of real-world knowledge will provide you with an exceptional learning experience and the opportunity to learn from the best in the aesthetics industry.

The National Laser Institute is a pioneer of world-class comprehensive instruction for Botox training. We were the first to combine classroom instruction with one-on-one observation and hands-on Botox injection training. We are approved by the Post Secondary Educational Board and we also accredit physicians, nurses, and other health professionals with Continuing Medical Education credits.

Give us a call 800-982-6817 to speak with a course advisor or simply fill out the form on your right.