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Botox Certification Offers Medical Professionals Increased Earning Potential

Botox certification is for nurses, doctors and medical professionals

Did you know the national average for Botox treatments is $326? And cosmetic laser treatments like laser hair reduction average $279 per treatment?

If you are a nurse, doctor or medical professional, then you are in luck!

Each year, hundreds of medical professionals seek out Botox certification training in order to step foot into the world of medical aesthetics. And many of them choose to attend National Laser Institute!

Botox Certification

The world of cosmetic injectables and laser treatments is a great opportunity for nurses, doctors and medical professionals looking to expand their knowledge and skill sets of these noninvasive cosmetic treatments. Many nurses and doctors seek Botox certification:

  • To earn supplemental income. Whether you are looking to add new services to your practice or want to administer Botox and cosmetic laser treatments as a side business, many medical professionals seek Botox certification to earn supplemental income.
  • To avoid insurance hassles. Because these treatments are aesthetic in nature, insurance doesn’t cover Botox, laser hair reduction and other medical aesthetic treatments. This means no insurance hassles!
  • Because they have a passion for it. From estheticians to medical professionals, anyone who enters the medical aesthetics field truly has a passion for helping people look and feel their best.

How Much Do Medical Aesthetic Treatments Cost?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)30 mins$433$866
Laser Hair Reduction30 mins$306$612
Botulinum Type A
(Botox, Dysport, etc.)
5-10 mins$385$1,540
Kybella30 mins$1,257$2,514
CoolSculpting1 hr$1,681$1,681
Sclerotherapy30 mins$326$652
Hyaluronic Acid
(Juvederm, Restylane, etc.)
30 mins$644$1,288
Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)30 mins$650$1,300

*Prices may vary depending on the state you live in.

Botox Certification at National Laser Institute

Medical professionals, including MD, DO, RN, LVN, NP and more, are eligible to attend a Botox certification course in order to administer Botox and dermal filler treatments to clients.

At National Laser Institute, we offer Botox and dermal filler training courses that range from 1 day to 12 days with added medical aesthetic training on treatments such as cosmetic laser, sclerotherapy, tattoo removal and much more.

In all of our Botox courses, medical professionals have the opportunity to earn CE/CME credits and gain hands-on training with scheduled clients in order to perfect their newfound medical esthetic skills. National Laser Institute is recognized as gold standard education and is the leading medical esthetic school in the nation.

To learn more about our Botox courses, simply fill out the form to your right or call us at 800-982-6817.