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RN Botox Certification

RN Botox Certification

As a registered nurse (RN), you qualify to receive Botox certification.

Because the field of noninvasive cosmetic treatments has expanded and grown over the last decade, more nurses have taken an interest in this side of cosmetic medicine and have become expert Botox nurses.

In fact, the botulinum toxin is the #1 nonsurgical medical aesthetics treatment in the U.S. and experienced a 4% increase last year.

In order for you to begin providing this safe and effective cosmetic treatment to clients, you must receive your RN Botox certification.

Where Can Botox Be Injected?

During Botox training, one of the first things you’ll learn as a nurse injector is the areas of the face where Botox can be administered. There are 3 areas of the face in which Botox injections are commonly used:

  • Between the brows. To reduce frown lines, Botox is administered directly into the muscles between the eyebrows.
  • The forehead. A lined, furrowed face is softened when Botox is applied to the forehead.
  • Crow’s feet. If you ever notice fine lines on the side of your eyes, Botox can be injected into the crow’s feet to create a more youthful appearance.

Advanced Injectable Techniques

If you have already taken one of our prerequisite Botox and dermal fillers course, we offer an Advanced Botox and Dermal Fillers course.
As a cosmetic nurse, you will learn:

  • Off-label type Botox and dermal filler treatments. A Botox “Lip Pop,” one of the most popular off-label treatments, is designed to give patients a fuller lip.
  • Botox for an eyebrow arch. Botox injected into the brow depressors can create an eyebrow lift.
  • Botox for platysmal bands. Botox injections can relax this area and soften the platysmal bands.
  • Dermal fillers for under the eyes. To eliminate those dark circles that come with aging, dermal fillers are administered to the tear troughs to reduce the appearance of under eye bags.
  • Fillers for cheeks. Dermal fillers can be used to recontour the face, restoring lost volume to the cheeks, cheekbones and chin.

RN Botox Certification

At National Laser Institute, nurses, physicians and medical professionals can receive Botox certification in as little as 1-2 weeks of training!

Botox and dermal filler courses are led by some of the industry’s leading experts, including physicians, nurses, skincare specialists and medical aesthetics experts with 7-20 years of experience.

Each course is divided into didactic (classroom) education and clinical hands-on training. During classroom education, you will learn things like facial anatomy, proper Botox injection technique, patient assessment, and pre- and post-patient care.

Hands-on training is done in a medical spa setting. You will be placed in small, intimate groups where you will watch comprehensive Botox demonstrations and have the opportunity to perform a variety of Botox injection techniques on scheduled clients.

And if you’re on-the-go, we offer 1-day Botox injection training. This includes clinical hands-on training with Botox, dermal fillers and other cosmetic injectables.

For those looking for a little more variety, we also offer Comprehensive Cosmetic Laser & Injectables courses. These not only include Botox injection training and certification, but also dermal fillers training, cosmetic laser training, sclerotherapy training and much more!

Botox training is a wonderful opportunity for physicians who want to expand their practice and increase revenue by adding Botox/cosmetic injectables and laser treatments as they are cash-based procedures. Many RNs take these courses to broaden their skill set and gain additional income or start a new full-time career as a cosmetic nurse.

National Laser Institute trains thousands of RNs each year in multiple locations in order to provide the best quality Botox training and certification. We are recognized as gold standard education and have earned many outstanding reviews.

To see what medical professionals are saying about our courses, feel free to watch the video below!

If you’d like to learn more about Botox training and becoming a cosmetic nurse, simply fill out the form on your right or call us at 800-982-6817.