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Company Profile

Company Profile
March 2012

Company Name:
National Laser Institute

President, Owners:
Louis Silberman (President & CEO),
Matthew Gould (Co-Founder),
David Silberman (Vice President)

Year Established:

Business Type:
School for Medical Aesthetics/Medical Spa

Scottsdale, Arizona and Dallas, Texas

No. of Employees:

Mission Statement:
National Laser Institute operates the most comprehensive medical aesthetic and cosmetic laser training program in the country. Students travel from across the country and internationally to learn in a hands-on environment at our educational facility, which includes a luxury medical spa. The spa specializes in the most advanced laser treatments and anti-aging procedures in the marketplace. Spa clients have the choice of booking a private session with one of our expert instructors or booking a session in an intimate training environment for pennies on the dollar.

About Us
Louis Silberman and Matthew Gould opened their first med spa nine years ago in Scottsdale, Arizona. The business partners soon realized that while there was a great demand for cosmetic laser procedures, there was a shortage of practitioners who were adequately trained to perform them in a safe and effective manner. That realization led Silberman and Gould to create the country’s first structured medical aesthetic curriculum. Their goal was to create a medical aesthetic learning facility that combined comprehensive classroom education on safety procedures and protocols, and hands-on training in a luxury med spa setting. Now, National Laser Institute is recognized as the gold standard in cosmetic laser and medical aesthetic education. In essence, it’s the “Ivy League” of laser and medical aesthetics schools.

Here’s what National Laser Institute’s president and CEO, Louis Silberman, had to say in a recent interview.


Q: What is the strength behind National Laser Institute?
A: At National Laser Institute, we are passionate about the medical aesthetics business, and that passion is reflected in everything we do – from our courses to our client services. Through the years, National Laser Institute has built an international brand that is synonymous with the highest standard of medical aesthetics education in the world. When industry professionals see National Laser Institute on a resume, they know that an aesthetic professional is expertly trained in technique, technology and safety.

Q: What sets you apart from other schools?
A: National Laser Institute is the only school in the world where students train in a real world luxury med spa setting and perform procedures on paying clients. Our instructors are some of the nation’s top doctors, nurses and cosmetic laser technicians. They have been performing these procedures for 10 – 20 years.

Our students have the opportunity to train on the most technologically advanced equipment, because the leading laser and medical aesthetics companies have partnered with NLI to showcase their latest and greatest devices.

The comprehensive course features 20 classroom and clinical instructors. During the clinical portion, students will work with a new instructor each day and train on a different piece of equipment. In addition to the classroom and hands-on clinical classes, National Laser Institute’s comprehensive course includes a seminar on marketing and business development. It is taught by an individual who built one of the most successful laser businesses in the country. He shares his tips and tricks on how to grow your business with marketing tactics that cost little to no money.

Q: Are there any new classes/courses in development?
A: National Laser Institute is preparing to add courses on body contouring (using the newest devices) and permanent makeup.

Q: What education and customer service support do you offer clients, both initially and long-term?

A: National Laser Institute has academic counselors who are available to assist students throughout the duration of the course. Upon course completion, National Laser Institute has a Graduate Services department to assist students with job placement and act as a resource for clinical and regulatory questions. We also offer complimentary didactic refresher courses.

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