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3 Customer Service Tips for the Certified Laser Technician

Anyone drawn to the medical aesthetics industry enjoys helping people—look their best, feel their best and get the best possible service. It’s certainly no different for the certified laser technician. But even those who are passionate about their jobs (lucky you!) can get into a daily routine where opportunities to improve customer service are overlooked. These simple suggestions are excellent ways to give clients the ultimate pampering experience while at the same time, improve your bottom line. That’s a win-win!

1. Have your room ready for your client.

 When a good host or hostess invites a guest into their home, they think of little things that their guest would enjoy–maybe a special soft drink or relaxing music. As a certified laser technician, you are the host or hostess of your treatment room. If you know a client is always cold, have a soft blanket ready for her. If he enjoys tea, make a cup for him right before he arrives. You get the idea. You’re letting clients know you were expecting them and are happy that they’re there.

2. Ask each client what their skincare goals are that particular day.

This is especially important for repeat clients whom you feel you know very well. But what they wanted six months ago (e.g., getting rid of age spots) might not be what they want today (e.g., to look rested and more refreshed). Always check in with them before any laser treatments begin so that you can adjust accordingly. It’s also the perfect time to introduce a new product or offer a mini treatment they haven’t tried before at a discounted price.

3. Text, call or email clients the day after the treatment.

Let them know you appreciate their business but also them as individual. If a client confided something in you, let him or her know you’re thinking of them. If she or he was concerned about some redness after the laser treatment, ask how it looks today. Think of something personal and genuine to say. When it’s time to book their next appointment, you’ll be the certified laser technician who will come to mind.

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