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3 Reasons Why It Pays for an Esthetician to Become a Certified Laser Technician

Are you an esthetician practicing in Arizona or Texas who is thinking about becoming a certified laser technician? You are on the right track. By becoming a certified laser technician, you will increase your versatility which will open up the door to opportunities you would not have access to otherwise in Arizona and Texas.  

certified laser technician

3 Reasons Why It Pays for an Esthetician to Become a Certified Laser Technician in Arizona & Texas

Becoming a certified laser technician will provide you with the opportunity to:

  1. Make more money. The average price for a laser treatment can be up to triple the price of conventional aesthetic therapies. Laser treatments usually require a series of treatments that produce dramatic results for your clients which will give you a loyal client base.  This coupled with the high-profit margin you can make per laser treatment will provide you with the opportunity to make more money than if you were not laser certified.
  2. Expand your service offering. Keep your clients happy so you don’t lose them to your competition.  Laser treatments will help you to retain your current clientele. By offering laser treatments, you can also increase your pool of potential customers.  
  3. Create your point of difference.  You will become more marketable by becoming laser certified as this skill set differentiates you from other estheticians who are not laser certified.  Whether you are starting your own business, or looking for employment, you need to differentiate yourself in the marketplace to captivate your share of the market.  

National Laser Institute will provide you with the world-class training environment and top-of-the-line technology you need to become a successful certified laser technician. Our 2 Week Comprehensive Laser Course includes classroom education and hands-on clinical experience with actual clients in our private medical spa.  With our small class sizes, you will benefit from the individual attention you will receive from our experienced instructors.  Our comprehensive laser course has 15 expert instructors with 10-20 years of experience in the field you can learn from.

You can earn more money, expand your service offering, and create your point of difference as a certified laser technician. Please call 800-982-6817 or fill out the form on the right for more information.