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National Laser Institute Reviews on Glassdoor

National Laser Institute reviews reveal a lot about the company, it’s leadership, and it’s culture.

What is culture? It’s an attitude. The thing about attitude is it’s a choice. The leadership at the National Laser Institute has purposefully hired great people with great attitudes who believe life is 10% what happens to you and 90 % how you react to it.  

“It’s the people, not profits, that make our company successful.  The leadership at the National Laser Institute know profit is the result of hiring and retaining great employees. We value our staff, and it shows. There’s a quote out there that we live by. It goes something like if you take care of your staff they will take care of your clients. This mantra shows in all areas in our company – you could say it is what our company culture is all about,” says CEO Louis Silberman.

If you research top employment sites like Glassdoor and Careerbuilder, you will find a plethora of National Laser Institute reviews from current and past employees.  

As an honoree in CareerBuilder’s Top Companies To Work For, the National Laser Institute reviews are positive not only by its current staff, but also its management and alumni.  

One of the reasons the National Laser Institute reviews are so positive is because of communication.  Management makes our staff feel needed and valued. An example of this is our CEO, Louis Silberman, holds bi-monthly brunch meetings to provide employees with the latest news and to get feedback from employees.  

“They will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” The past and present employee National Laser Institute reviews are favorable because of this phenomenon.  While the culture at the National Laser Institute values communication and feedback, ultimately the staff feel valued and they know what they do matters.  

The proof is in the pudding.  Let’s take a look at some of our favorite National Laser Institute reviews on  

National Laser Institute Reviews on Glassdoor

National Laser Institute Reviews

National Laser Institute Admissions Staff

Wonderful Company to Work For

“I have been working at the National Laser Institute full-time for less than a year. Very professional but relaxed environment. After working in the medical field for many years in a high-stress environment, it has been so nice to have leaders and a team that are hard working but a joy to be around. Love the culture of positivity and genuinely caring about the student and client experience. Great perks, benefits and room for advancement! Keep up the good work!”

Grateful to be a part of the NLI Family

“I feel like I am working with friends, every day here there is an opportunity to succeed and be better than yesterday. Constant support from management. I’m truly beyond grateful to have had this opportunity thus far. I will never find a more flexible, team building, family of coworkers anywhere else. It’s Busy!! Such a high demand of appointments! However this is what keeps me employed! Keep doing what you’re doing! Never have I had such motivational leaders!”

Nurse Injector

“I have been working at National Laser Institute full-time for less than a year. Love the positive upbeat atmosphere! Never worked for a company where everyone is a team and has such positive and friendly attitudes! Louis’s ambitious goals rubs off on you and gives you the want to see the company succeed and make clients happy! Since day one when I stepped foot into NLI as a student I wanted to work for the company! I wanted to be able to teach and be around the outgoing staff that Louis has working for him! I had my dreams answered when Louis took a step and hired me!  Anyone would love to be a part of this environment! I am able to expand my skills and provide all services to our clients!! Thank you! Only downside is Lou didn’t hire me sooner! : ) but he made the right move by getting me to gain experience in my field so now I can provide his clients with my skills and experience of over a year!”

Thankful to be a part of the NLI family for 6 years

NLI’s creative and fun work environment is fueled by the positive energy and passion of the CEO. It’s the only employer where staff have a voice with upper management. It’s truly a team effort towards the company’s growth and goals. NLI supports the growth and success of their employees by transitioning employees within different departments or roles until they find the best fit. NLI offers the ability to work very independently and freely as a salesperson.  Best sales environment I’ve worked in from the product sold to the fun incentives/ contests makes for the longevity of the sales team.  NLI offers the value of personal flexibility with life and schedules that can’t be found anywhere. Thankful for my 6 years at NLI! Constant change which is expected with a growing company that is consisting evolving. However, change opens the door to new opportunities for growth and development. So fortunate to be a part of NLI’s success!”

My experience here has been nothing but perfection!

“I have been working at National Laser Institute full-time for more than a year. The jobs here are amazing because at NLI we are truly a family (literally a lot of us are related)! We all love each other very much and support each other! It’s a fun environment with GREAT benefits and hours! The uniform is so comfortable! In all honesty, the only con is it’s always busy… We are open 7 days a week almost 365 so it’s a lot of work! Louis and Tracey are awesome! They care about all of us and make sure our needs are always met!”

A rewarding environment and a great place to grow!

“I worked at National Laser Institute full-time for more than 3 years. When I started this job 3+ years ago, I knew I wanted to learn & grow within my marketing position. But the real bonus was getting to know co-workers who now feel like family! Management is very kind and understanding- when I first started working at the office, my supervisor was a single mother who always had to leave for an hour during the day to pick up her kids from school before coming back to work. If you have a great work ethic and care about the work you’re doing, you’ll succeed. If you don’t care and promote a negative attitude, trust me, it’ll show. It’s simple, really: if you owned a business, would you want your employees giving anything less than 100%? Prior to this position, I had a VERY micromanage-y supervisor, and it was awful. Thanks for always providing the right balance of trust! The business has been around for 10+ years, so clearly they’re doing tons of things right.”

Great Company with Lots of Opportunities

“I have been working at National Laser Institute full-time for more than 10 years. National Laser institute is a fun, fast-paced work environment. We work hard but also want to enjoy our time at the office. We strive to create a positive team spirit for our staff and nurture solid relationships with open communication. As a growing company, we are constantly evolving, and we believe that we must change, innovate and improve what we deliver to continue to be the leader in our industry.

Every fast growing business experiences bumps in the road. Sometimes as a company grows, roles change and some people are no longer the right fit. Since we now have many more people on staff, we have an opportunity for employees to transition from one role to another. No work environment is right for everyone, however. Some of our team have been here for many years and others move on to a situation that’s right for them. In our industry, the field is always innovating and changing. We constantly have to stay ahead of the curve and provide the highest quality education and services to our clients. As we grow, developing great talent and bringing on strong managers is the key to our continued success.”

Client Coordinator

“I have been working at National Laser Institute full-time. I came to work for National Laser Institute right at 2 years ago. Let me start off by saying I never expected to get such fulfillment from an employer. I started out working at the corporate side and now fill in the spa when able to and needed. So inspired by the owner Louis S. and other management Ashlee and Tracey. I am blessed to be able to be part of this family here. They have truly changed my opinion on what an employer should be. Hope to be able to stay with this company for years to come. Thank you all at National Laser Institute for being amazing and giving me the opportunity to love my job!”

In conclusion, people, not profits, make a company successful. The leadership at the National Laser Institute know profit is the result of hiring and retaining great employees.  “We excel at the things that matter most: People.  A happy staff makes a happy client!” says Louis Silberman

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