Posts: Aesthetician & Career Changers

  • Kelly J.

    Totally enjoyable.. The two instructors that totally stood out to me were Kristen and Krystal. I felt that… Read more »

  • Lexi C.

    It was good curriculum. I absolutely LOVED Crystal, Jamie, and Kristen. They couldn’t have been better, and more… Read more »

  • Charray W.

    Learned a lot from most of the instructors.  Loved Kristen she explained the reasoning behind what we were… Read more »

  • Jeanette P.

    It was long but informative and I liked our instructor. Clinicals were/are super fun. My favorites were Crystal,… Read more »

  • Gina C.

    Sandra was such a great instructor and everything was so interesting and easy to follow. I loved everyone… Read more »

  • Stephanie L.

    The online part was a lot of information to take in in 2 days but some was absorbed… Read more »

  • Anonymous

    Sandra taught is very well, I liked her explanations… very easy to learn from. Anna was very informative,… Read more »

  • Wanderlene R.

    The classroom and hands on training were very good! Sam really has a way of teaching that makes… Read more »

  • Hanan H.

    Very good. 5 stars! Very good i liked them all but I loveeee Kelly and Samantha very good… Read more »

  • Mai V.

    Very good. 5 stars!