Posts: Aesthetician & Career Changers

  • Whitney Winter

    I’m so thankful for making the decision to come to NLI! I learned so much about the industry… Read more »

  • Samantha Sheehan

    Coming here was one of the most stressful, and challenging decisions I have ever made for myself due… Read more »

  • Jessica Filipek

    Great for those straight out of high school, college and also career changers. Exceptional training of didactics and… Read more »

  • Anonymous

    I was very unsure about coming here but have had a very good experience. I learned so much!

  • Gabriela Cimarrusti

    Great experience! Very knowledgeable staff.

  • Anonymous

    Short program but a lot of info you learn and really hands-on in the clinicals.

  • Kyiah Gore

    The instructors are one of a kind at NLI. They truly make the experience unique and personable. I’m… Read more »

  • Anonymous

    It was a very good experience, glad I came to this school. Loved the staff and clinical portions.

  • Sanaz Reisieh

    It was hard to come to the school everyday without one day off but it ended up being… Read more »

  • Sharon Kujak

    I have met so many nice people and I would recommend National Laser Institute to anyone who wants… Read more »