Posts: Aesthetician & Career Changers

  • Julia Oba

    I recommend this to all people interested in the aesthetic world. If it wasn’t so expensive, I would’ve… Read more »

  • Jazmyn Holguin

    I had the most exciting experience here. All of the instructors were great and very inspiring. The motivation… Read more »

  • Cody Duke

    I am so happy I chose to come here and do this program. I am so thankful for… Read more »

  • Philip Kenjorski

    Loved that there was unlimited coffee and tea. Stacy introduced me to NLI. Samantha was detail oriented. Erin… Read more »

  • Darlene Cagle

    All the staff here has participated in my future career. Thank you all for a memorable time/experience that… Read more »

  • Heidi Hawking

    This was such an awesome experience, thank you for everything. Teachers were so kind and patient. Helpful. Seriously… Read more »

  • Ashley Paez

    Out of this world!

  • Kiriakos Manoleas

    I came to National Laser Institute because I wanted to add a specific skill-set to my repertoire, and… Read more »

  • Devin Gastelum

    Out of this world!

  • Tierney Lord

    I chose National Laser Institute because ever since I heard about this school, I knew that I could… Read more »