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  • Anonymous

    The online portion was a lot of information to retain. All of the staff was amazing. The curriculum… Read more »

  • Claire G.

    I feel like the first 3 days of didactic were extremely informative. The hands on portion of class… Read more »

  • Anonymous

    Sandra was very Informational.

  • Anonymous

    I enjoy the fact that different instructors have different ways of teaching because I learned so much. Instructors?… Read more »

  • Bianca P.

    I loved the program, everything was perfect. Online was a little difficult to focus but still great. I… Read more »

  • Ashley H.

    I was able to understand everything that was taught. The instructors were amazing at answering every question we… Read more »

  • Anyonmous

    The classroom portion was awesome. Very informative. Overall the hands on was great.  All the instructors were knowledgeable…. Read more »

  • Anonymous

    Learned very well in class. Hands on was amazing, had so much fun. Loved all the staff …. Read more »

  • Anonymous

    First couple of days were great with Sandra! She is very engaging and knowledgeable.  Hands on of course… Read more »

  • Anonmyous

    Very informative, instructors make it easy to follow. Loved it! Amazing instructors. They were all very informative and… Read more »