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Janine Kane

Motivating, Inspiring, Challenging, Confidence Building: NLI lit me up to the dynamic world of LASER technology and medical aesthetics. Confidence in myself grew as the instructors guided us through each class with professionalism, imparting their knowledge and experience in an engaging and safety conscientious manner. Friendly, dedicated office staff organized our schedules and welcomed us each day as if they were welcoming guests into their home. And motivating us throughout was Louis Silberman (head honcho), whose daily presence and genuine enthusiasm for our success was palpable. What I found most helpful and challenging was the practical, hands on experience we received by applying this vast technology to clients and to each other (students). I was also impressed and inspired by the other students NLI attracted. The NLI model fostered an atmosphere of comradery and provided for us a network of affiliates for the future. I plan to return to NLI for further education as new technologies become available for practice.