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Jamie Thallman

National Laser Institute completely EXCEEDED my expectations! I first spoke with Ann Burke, an advisor about the courses and what I was interested in. She went above and beyond to give me the information I needed to help me make the best choice for my situation. I never once felt pressured or sold. In fact, she gave me a ton of different options and said the best route for me (since I was on a budget) would be to start with the botox, fillers, and advanced botox/fillers (explaining this is where the money is in this business) and come back for the other classes in the future. FYI, this was cheaper alone than the other classes we had discussed so, obviously she was listening to me and not just trying to make me fork over a bunch of money. I asked a TON of questions and kept in contact with her for over a month on a consistent basis. I literally felt like I was talking to my best friend, as she never once made me feel like a burden or annoying. I ended up taking the medical director course (required in AZ for laser training), laser course, botox/fillers course, and advanced botox/fillers course and was BLOWN away with the knowledge, training, support, and friendliness that was provided by every single person I came in contact with. I thought Ann was just a super sweet, genuine, rare individual (which she is of course), but EVERY single staff member at NLI is the same way (including Louis the owner/founder). The knowledge and training I received was again beyond my expectations. NLI has the latest and greatest up to date machines and technology. Each instructor has a ton of experience, knowledge, and technique, so you are able to learn from all aspects to find what works best for you. They share stories and mistakes they’ve made to help build your confidence and support you every step of the way. The information and knowledge I’ve received has opened my eyes to more possibilities than I ever thought possible. I have almost filled an entire 1 subject notebook (20 pages worth on the first day alone) with extra notes I took, on top of the manuals they already provide you with for each course. Even Louis came in and spoke about his experiences in business and the mistakes he’s made! The courses give you tools and tips on how to market yourself and be successful. I could literally go on forever about my experience at NLI! I definitely plan on coming back to take the rest of the courses offered when I have the money. If you are unsure whether or not NLI is right for you, I highly recommend taking the plunge and making it work (Just DO IT). Ask to speak with Ann Burke or anyone of the advisors (I have a feeling Louis makes sure he only hires the best) to find out which route is best for you. You wont be disappointed.