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Kylie Mapes

My experience at the National Laser Institute was one I will never forget. From being in the classroom to hands on training, it was the most fun! Everyone working at the school from the admissions rep, teacher, receptionist or technician was always very helpful throughout my time at NLI. The most that I loved about going to school there was the owner Louis. He was always very involved in the classroom and it definitely shows a lot of character. That has never happened before in any program I attended and it really meant a lot to know that he was there and not just to collect money for the program, but to be involved in our education and making sure we had the best experience possible. The actual school itself was so nice!!! State of the art equipment and the best skin care in the industry! They had every type of laser available at our disposal to learn and get the most hands on training with! We had several teachers throughout the learning experience that were extremely helpfull! Each and ever one of those ladies were filled with so much knowledge they were eager to share! It was a lot of fun talking about personal experiences in their career with laser and all the awesome benefits that come along with being a Laser Technician! I would definitely love an opportunity to be involved with the schools expansion once they extend to Chicago! I look forward to seeing how they evolve! A big THANK YOU to every single one of my teachers and everyone involved in my learning experience. This was truly a one of a kind!