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Lei I.

I really enjoyed it, especially when the instructor(s) were attentive teaching us the in and outs, helping us understand why, and testing us to test if we understood. The instructors who stood out and were the best to me were Ms. Nash and Ms. Kelly they are so knowledgeable. I enjoyed Ms. Kelly a lot and how generous she was in helping me and my group with all our skin issues. She is so sweet! Kristin was a hoot! I enjoyed her wealth of knowledge and challenging us/testing us to see if we really understand. She gave me a lot of tips and advice while having a lot of fun. She is an excellent teacher and extremely attentive.  Breann was great! Shelley was great as well, wish we got to spend more time with her. They did a great job, my group didn’t have much downtime because we worked on each other. Danielle my advisor was really sweet, Jaida, our patient, stood out to me and was knowledgeable even though she never went through school. Tracy, Erin, Hanna, Shelly’s daughter, and her best friend were super sweet and did a great job!