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Tara G.

I found it fascinating. I was never bored and the time passed quickly which honestly surprised me. It was great though! I’m kind of a nerd so I loved learning the science and about the different machines. The teachers were really knowledgeable and did a great job at making me feel safe while doing the treatments. I started out feeling quite nervous but am leaving feeling very confident. I also loved that I got to work with so many different modalities. It was also great that we had so many clients to work on for practice. Every instructor was honestly really good. I absolutely loved Kellie, Trisha, Kristen, and Ronnie 🙂 In a few classes, we played some fun games to help us with the test questions, which was helpful. For the most part, we were able to ask questions and have things explained to us during downtime. Each day I understood more and more until eventually, I felt super confident.