Posts: Medical Professionals

  • Catherine Mackin, RN

    I have been an inpatient nurse my entire career, both in ortho/neuro and OB. I knew that I… Read more »

  • Rachel Rupp, RN

    Coming in as a nurse I felt prepared to handle the client side of things but nervous because… Read more »

  • Ashley Juste, FNP-C

    I have shadowed an aesthetic practitioner before but this course gave me a detailed didactic which made me… Read more »

  • Carla Briante, NMD

    This was a great course! Covered the basics of Botox and dermal fillers to get started with lots… Read more »

  • Jan Davis, MD

    Course is excellent and provided a wonderful hands on experience with Botox and Dermal Fillers.

  • Christine Getz, RN

    What an amazing experience. The staff was wonderful and extremely knowledgeable. NLI give you the tools and confidence… Read more »

  • Ashley Sedgwick, RN

    Each instructor is top notch, always willing to go out of their way for each student.

  • Linda Fletcher, PA

    Very professional. Upholds medical ethics. Encourages students and creates an open learning environment.

  • Jinju Weiss, MD

    Louis’s excitement is awesome. The instructors were great. Would definitely recommend this course to anyone thinking about Botox/Dermal… Read more »

  • Mark Star, RN

    I enjoyed the lectures. #1 Botox learning. The instructors are stellar and approachable. I’m hopeful I will be… Read more »