Posts: Aesthetician & Career Changers

  • Bree Grohler

    Everyone at NLI made my experience amazing you guys were able to deal with my obnoxious self and… Read more »

  • Brittany Ricketts

    Incredible experience! All of the instructors are very professional and educated on all of the treatments. Very satisfied,… Read more »

  • Rylie Bland

    Great experience! Teacher are very knowledgeable and well spoken. They went above my expectations.

  • Madelyn “Sloan” Bodford

    I am a career changer and have no cosmetic/medical/aesthetic background and I was worried that I may be… Read more »

  • Jessica Prince

    I had a wonderful time here at NLI. I think this was the best foundation on lasers in… Read more »

  • Sydney Hawley

    I had an amazing experience here at NLI. I loved how much time we got to spend working… Read more »

  • Deena Moreno

    This experience has made such a difference for me. I was looking for a career and after the… Read more »

  • Kaylon Carter

    My time at National Laser Institute has been good, I met many great people and learned more than… Read more »

  • Charity Irsik

    My experience at NLI has been wonderful! I’m a career changer and have always been interested in skin… Read more »

  • Audra Gesek

    NLI was one the best decisions I have made in the year 2017. The instructors were nothing but… Read more »