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  • Alyssa Greygor

    I have had the best time. All the instructors have a different way of teaching, and they all… Read more »

  • Gloria Garza

    My honest experience at NLI is that it was convenient with my financial situation that I was in…. Read more »

  • Sierra Hart

    My experience at NLI went above and beyond all expectations! I have been a full time student for… Read more »

  • Dee Heinz

    Phenomenal experience! Initially, I was skeptical that we could learn THIS MUCH information in 2 short weeks, but… Read more »

  • Bailey Downing, RN

    I heard that NLI was the best, and they did not disappoint! Everyone was super friendly and knowledgeable… Read more »

  • Laura Trant

    I really enjoyed all of the instructors. It’s evident that they enjoy their jobs. Initially, I was worried… Read more »

  • Peggy Embrey

    My experience was great. I would recommend National Laser Institute to my anybody! The instructors are amazing, each… Read more »

  • Ashton Prutch

    I have had an amazing experience at NLI. The teachers took the time to get to know me… Read more »

  • Leslie Daniels

    I am so happy with this program! It offered me the opportunity to explore the industry and gain… Read more »

  • Danielle Lopez

    What an amazing overall experience NLI has been these past few weeks. Originally, I was enrolled at another… Read more »