Posts: Aesthetician & Career Changers

  • Tierney Lord

    I chose National Laser Institute because ever since I heard about this school, I knew that I could… Read more »

  • Erika Ivy

    Coming to NLI has been such a fun environment to learn in, teachers are very knowledgeable and have… Read more »

  • Chloe Domyan

    NLI was an unforgettable experience! I was a career changer coming into this class and I had no… Read more »

  • Yareli Vazquez

    I really loved my experience at National Laser Institute. All of the staff is really welcoming. I’m glad… Read more »

  • Katelyn Myers

    I loved every moment at NLI. Everyone was so welcoming and no one had a bad mood…EVER!! Everyone… Read more »

  • Brooklyn Myers

    I am so glad that I chose National Laser Institute. My educator at aesthetics school recommended this program… Read more »

  • Angelina Wendling

    I loved my experience at NLI from the staff, instructors, hands-on experience, and other students. All the staff… Read more »

  • Caitlin Johnson

    I had a lot of fun with the staff. They were all nice with smiles on their faces,… Read more »

  • Sammantha Rubio

    I chose National Laser Institute because I have only heard good things about the school. Coming to this… Read more »

  • Cris Alves

    I am a career changer. Not having the background as an aesthetician, it concerned me as I started… Read more »