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  • Anonymous

    The instructors were amazing! They did such a good job at not only teaching the modalities but relating… Read more »

  • Natalia P.

    The didactic was fine! Amazing instructors. I genuinely love all of the instructors! I’m glad we got to… Read more »

  • Anonymous

    The classroom training was good, learned a lot. The hands-on was very informative – really great experience. Briann… Read more »

  • Taylor P.

    Very good info, and instructors! Very hands on! Learned a lot from practicing on clients and students. The… Read more »

  • Samaiyah F.

    It was very informative and allowed us to get comfortable and familiar with the equipment and each modalities…. Read more »

  • Farzaneh K.

    It was awesome program, thank you so much. I got different skills from different instructors.

  • Melissa F.

    Great and useful information that I was able to understand without difficulty! The instructors were very personable on… Read more »

  • Sari C.

    The classroom training was great. Very thorough. The instructors were amazing! Shanna, Angel, Ali and Bree were incredibly… Read more »

  • Angie A.

    Classroom course was super fun and informative! Learned a lot from different instructors, their knowledge and experience. Lots… Read more »

  • Jennifer T.

    The didactic and hands-on were awesome! LOVED Bianca, Shanna, Angela, Cassie and Bri! Allie was a little hit… Read more »