Posts: Aesthetician & Career Changers

  • Beth K.

    The curriculum was on point. The instructors were very thorough and patiently helped out whenever needed. The hands-on… Read more »

  • Chanel W.

    I love how the instructors did not assume that we remembered what we learned from online and went… Read more »

  • Thia L.

    Clinicals were great. I loved how after our didactic in the morning that our instructors threw us into… Read more »

  • Nataya C.

    The hands-on training was excellent.

  • Karen A.

    The didactic was good. It was a lot of information!!!!! Instructors were great.

  • Edra W.

    All the indtructs brought their own style to the learning, that made it be more practical and real.

  • Mongo E.

    Learned lot more! Instructors were knowledgeable and patient always had answers with all of my answers! They were… Read more »

  • Carley P.

    Very well laid out. All the instructors were awesome. Sandra was very knowledgeable about everything. All the instructors… Read more »

  • Meegan D.

    Loved it! Loved the staff the teachers are great. NLI definitely changed me in many ways I cannot… Read more »

  • Anonymous

    The online portion was a lot of information to retain. All of the staff was amazing. The curriculum… Read more »