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The Best Jobs for Aesthetic Nurses

aesthetic nurses best jobsThere are many factors to consider when it comes to zeroing in on the best jobs for aesthetic nurses. Think, if you will, about your current position within the healthcare industry. Is it fulfilling? Is it what you thought you would be doing when you were a starry-eyed nursing student?

Most registered nurses have worked a tough nursing job or two. As a medical professional with a job that requires direct patient care, the duties of an RN run the gamut. Undoubtedly, the work is often hard. The break times are short and the pay not enough for the duty and sacrifice provided. As a result, a 12-hour nursing shift in a hospital is flooded with more work than one person can handle. The jobs within nursing are varied but many require the same grueling tasks.

Nevertheless, not all jobs within the field of nursing are quite so taxing. It is not a professional prerequisite for a job to kick a nurse’s butt each shift.

Consider aesthetic nurses and the lower-stress, decent hours, and competitive pay they receive for hours worked. 

In the nearly 17-billion-dollar industry of medical aesthetics, jobs for aesthetic nurses are abundant. Subsequently, nurses that serve in such positions get to be picky when it comes to choosing the right position.

Tell me, what are the best jobs for aesthetic nurses? Where do they work? What is the pay scale? What are the benefits?

When you type the keywords “best jobs for aesthetic nurses” into a search engine you are inundated with results. In fact, page after page for aesthetic nurses, Botox injector and aesthetic nurse injectors pop up. Employers beseech trained nurses to consider their posted positions offering competitive pay, sign on bonuses, and all kinds of other perks to sweeten the employment pot. 

What about pay??

Ziprecruiter advertises nearly 100 such jobs and highlights that medical aesthetic nurse jobs pay an average of $82,000 annually. The same site explains that the top range of the pay scale is $128,000. Of course, higher pay generally goes to nurses with the highest level of education and experience. 

And the benefits??

The benefits of being an aesthetic nurse are impressive too. Unlike their professional peers that work odd hours, night shifts and holidays, their schedules are generally much more conducive to living a life outside of work. Nurse injectors, aesthetic nurses, Botox nurses, whatever term people coin for the nurses working within the realm of medical aesthetics, often have more freedom and free time built into their calendars. They don’t spend every holiday and Sunday at the hospital like so many of their colleagues. 

Where do aesthetic nurses be work??

As mentioned earlier, Aesthetic nurses can be found anywhere Botox, dermal fillers ,and other injectables are administered. The demand for nonsurgical cosmetic procedures is gaining momentum and popularity. Subsequently, the increased business requires trained professionals (cosmetic nurses) to administer the treatments.

It should be noted that aesthetic nurses work both full and part-time. As a result, they may be found working in outpatient surgical centers, medical spas, dermatology clinics, doctors’ offices, laser clinics, and fitness facilities.

Deciding which job is best is really up to the particular nurse to decide. Many nurses like the ease and relative comfort of a serene medical spa. Other nurses prefer the sterility and order of a physician’s office. 

In order to discover which jobs for aesthetic nurses are best, one would have to weigh a ton of options. The jobs within the industry are similar but each office and setting offers something different to both its clientele and staff. 


That depends. Are you a nurse who would find joy in helping others gain self-confidence and renewed self-image? Do you pay attention to detail? Have you considered making a career change? Do you sometimes find yourself tired of the overwhelming illnesses and workload of a busy hospital or practice? Are you interested in the field of aesthetic nursing? 

If your answer to any of the above is yes, you are ready to take the next step into the field of aesthetic nursing. With excellent training and renowned courses, National Laser Institute is ready to help you on your journey to becoming the best aesthetic nurse you can be. 

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