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3 Cosmetic Nurse Jobs You May Not Have Heard Of

cosmetic nurse

Cosmetic nurses know clients demand highly commercial services like Botox, dermal fillers and laser treatments. What most cosmetic nurses don’t know is that they’re capable of branching out past medical spas, doctors offices and hospitals.

A job as a cosmetic nurse doesn’t tie you down to a permanent career in a medical office. In fact, there are various places cosmetic nurses can work! Below are three career options where cosmetic nurses are also needed to provide cosmetic services.

1. Dermatology Practices

As a cosmetic nurse, you’re capable of working in a dermatology practice. Many clients come to a dermatologist for cosmetic skin issues, such as trying to treat acne scars that previous pimples left behind. There are tons of cosmetic services you’re capable of providing clients–from IPL Photofacials to BBL therapy to MicroLaserPeels–that will help keep their skin radiant and youthful.

2. Laser Clinics

Laser Clinics, like Ideal Image, are capable of working under a Medical Director to perform an array of cosmetic laser treatments and injectable services. These types of careers include consulting with clients, understanding and successfully performing procedures, and reviewing post-treatment information.

3. Fitness Facilities

There are some fitness places, like Lifetime Fitness, hire cosmetic nurses who are certified in administering Botox and dermal fillers. It makes sense to have these types of nonsurgical treatments offered at a luxury gym: if you want to change your physique, there’s no shame in also improving your appearance in a nonsurgical way! That’s where cosmetic nurses come in. Many enjoy working in this relaxed environment!

Medical Aesthetics Training at National Laser Institute

If you’re an RN and want to become certified to perform Botox, dermal fillers and cosmetic laser treatments, you can attend one of National Laser Institute’s medical professional courses. Nurses will earn CE/CME credit upon course completion as well as gain hands-on training with a variety of in-demand treatments. Courses last anywhere from one weekend to 12 full days of comprehensive training.

For cosmetic nurses who’ve graduated with National Laser Institute or who are interested in graduating with us, we offer our Graduate Services department which sends out hundreds of job opportunities across the U.S. each month. We also offer our online medical aesthetics library as an invaluable resource.

Learn more about National Laser Institute by calling 800-982-6817 or by simply filling out the form on the right.