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Ethics & Medical Esthetics

Medical esthetics and ethics go hand in hand.  There is a fine line of giving a patient what they want versus what they can financially and/or emotionally afford.   A strong ethical center is the core of aesthetic medicine.

Ethics & Medical Esthetics

Ethics & Medical Esthetics

The goal of medical esthetics is to perfect the health and appearance of our patients. As medical esthetic practitioners, it is our duty to provide treatment with our patient’s best interests at heart.  This duty supersedes all other considerations including financial and emotional concerns.

Medical esthetics practitioners treating patients who want to make subjective improvements to their already good health must remember to avoid any treatment that could deteriorate the patient’s health.  Medical esthetic practitioners must maintain a strong code of ethics to honor the trust the patient is putting into their hands.

The risks associated with providing cosmetic laser procedures and injections are greatly reduced when medical esthetic practitioners are trained at the National Laser Institute. We teach our students how to put the needs of the patient first. Our educators mentor our students to use reserve their ethical judgement to determine whether or not a patient may receive a certain treatment based on their skin type, medical history, as well as emotional and financial capacity.

At the National Laser Institute, we offer a 3-Day Medical Director Training Course. Please call 800-982-6817 to speak with a course counselor or simply fill out the form on your right.