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Laser Operating School Produces Quality Results

Several important factors arise in choosing a laser tech

by Travis Roemhild | AFN

The National Laser Institute, based out of Scottsdale, is the nation’s leading educator in training for laser aesthetics.

With Arizona being one of few states in the country that has regulations on who can perform such procedures, there can still be issues with the quality of work performed at the medical spas, day spas, hair salons and other places that offer these procedures, according to Louis Silberman, owner of the National Laser Institute.

“One of the problems in Arizona is that so many people are doing laser procedures,” he said. “As a consumer, you want to ask what procedures they are certified in and how many they have performed in the past.”

Arizona’s training requirements include instruction under a medical director at a physician’s office. In contrast, Nevada, for example, has no state requirements for who can perform cosmetic procedures.

“People need to be aware of what to ask for in terms of the certification and state regulations,” Silberman said.

Before opening the National Laser Institute, Silberman operated a retail medical spa. Working directly in the laser and cosmetic industry, he said he saw the need for educating and providing a clear picture for possible laser applicants.

“When I started (National Laser Institute) it was one of the first laser training schools in the country,” Silberman said. “Now we are the largest training company and train up to 50 people per month in aesthetic procedures.”

Laser techs agree with Silberman that although someone can be certified to operate on a client, their level of experience may not have adequately prepared them to do a quality job.

“Some people just don’t know what they are doing,” a laser tech said. “There are a lot of different questions to ask. You can call up the Board of Cosmetology and get a background on businesses if you want to be sure what they are saying is true.”

Christina Watson, director of Stockton Dermatology, located at S. 40th St. in the Ahwatukee Foothills, is one of the businesses that works with Silberman and National Laser Institute. She said that its attention to detail in training is unmatched.

“(Silberman) doesn’t miss a beat in training and keeping up with advances in the industry,” Watson said. “I know that if I send someone to (National Laser Institute) they will come back with expertise.”

Watson said that potential consumers should do a thorough consultation prior to agreeing to the procedure. She said that, for example, a person’s skin type can play a significant role in how a procedure can be performed, if at all.

“You really want to know how much experience they have with someone of your skin type,” Watson said. “You cannot treat them all the same.”

If you want to find out more about the laws and regulations in Arizona, contact the National Laser Institute at (480) 222-4640 or visit their Web site at