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Ready For Your Next Dermal Fillers Lips Treatment? Try Our Training Environment!

Emily after her first dermal fillers treatment.

Curious what it’s like to be a client in our educational training setting?

One of the things that set the National Laser Institute apart from other training programs is we spend millions of dollars each year on scheduling real clients for our students to have real world, clinical hands-on training.

We recently caught up with Emily who opted for the training environment for her first dermal filler treatment! See what she had to say about her experience:

National Laser Institute: What inspired you to get your lips done?

Emily: I always wondered what my lips would look like with dermal fillers, but it wasn’t until November that I seriously considered getting them done. I always loved the way Kylie Jenner’s lips looked. She has big sexy lips, and I love them!

NLI: What was going through your mind before your dermal filler treatment?

Emily: Before getting my lips done, I was worried that I might look crazy, or they wouldn’t turn out the way I wanted them to look. I had no idea what syringes meant, or how many I needed. But I was very excited to have a youthful image and new look after my treatment!

NLI: What was your experience like in the treatment room?

Emily: There were 3 to 4 nurse attendees in addition to the instructor. The first thing my physician did was walk me through the treatment process. She told me everything she was going to do to my lips. I felt a little anxious, but the physician was comforting. It felt good to have an educated physician treating me.

During the injection process, I felt a small pinch, but it only lasted a second. Halfway through my treatment, I was given a mirror to see what my lips looked like. I saw big, full lips. They weren’t too big; they still showed structure. They were a little swollen but still looked really, really good.

Emily before her dermal fillers treatment.

NLI: Were you nervous or scared to get a treatment done in the training environment?

Emily: Well for sure some fear and anticipation of the unknown, and I’m sure most people would be scared. But I trusted the National Laser Institute brand and the physicians and nurses! I thought, if a physician can teach, then the physician must be good. Everyone in the room was focused on the treatment.

NLI: What did you do after your treatment?

Emily: The first thing I did was get in the car and take a selfie. I was so excited! I sent it to a bunch of my friends. They loved it! My coworkers loved it too! My friend actually picked me up from the appointment, and she thought I looked great! Over the next week as the swelling went down, and they looked better and better.

NLI: So, it sounds like your very first dermal filler treatment went well?

Emily: It definitely exceeded my expectations! My lips look more natural than I thought they would before getting the treatment. I feel more confident and sexy. I would definitely recommend National Laser Institute to my friends – I already have! The fear and anticipation were worse than the actual treatment. It hurt less than I thought it would. I would do it every day if I could!

NLI: What advice would you give to others who are considering getting a treatment done?

Emily: My words of wisdom would be to put words aside, book yourself a treatment at National Laser Institute and go for it! In the training environment, everyone is there with a focus to teach and learn well. Hearing the physician explain what is being done is so education and eased my nerves. She even explained why and how the product used for my lips works the way it does. Now I get why dermal fillers and medical aesthetics is so big. National Laser Institute is a family, and after my treatment, I felt a part of the family.