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Why Winter is the Best Time for Cosmetic Laser Treatments

Why Winter is the Best Time for Laser TreatmentsIf you could rid your unwanted hair and gain a beautiful complexion just in time for summer, would you? Because so many people want that flawless beach body, they tend to get a jump start on cosmetic laser treatments in the winter. In fact, winter may be the best time to experience cosmetic laser treatments. Because clients can’t receive laser treatments when they are sunburned and tanned skin is typically resistant to ridding sun damage and unwanted hair, people tend to flock to medical spas between December – April.

With many types of laser treatments, including laser hair removal, your laser technician is inserting cosmetic and laser energy into your body. Clients are told to avoid hot showers for a few days as well as keep the skin covered and away from the harsh rays of the sun. Sun exposure can ruin the process of your laser treatment, so even though you feel perfectly normal, you may not end up seeing amazing results.

Skin rejuvenation treatments, especially those involving microdermabrasion techniques, are also excellent to receive in the winter. Because the skin is typically sensitive after treatments like MicroLaserPeels, chemical peels, and fractional laser treatments, it’s best to avoid any and all sun exposure. This allows for the skin rejuvenation process to work in the most effective way. Sun exposure can severely damage the process and even end up making it look worse than before.

Your skin is the largest organ your body has, so it’s important to seek out professional laser treatments. National Laser Institute is the leader in the medical aesthetics industry and has been in the business for a decade. We are committed to giving clients the beautiful skin they desire. Our expert laser technicians and medical professionals consult with you before performing any treatment on you to learn about your skin type as well as your skin care goals and concerns. From there they will recommend a variety of treatments and give you expert treatments within our luxury medical spa setting.

If you’re looking for the experts in both cosmetic laser and injectable skin care, consider trusting National Laser Institute with all your skincare needs.

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