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Medical Spa Nurse Jobs

Nurse Jobs Medical Spa By searching online for medical spa nurse jobs, you are that much closer to joining the ranks of a much less stressed group of nurses. With chilled, wafer-thin cucumber slices resting atop their eyes, fluffy terrycloth robes belted at their waists and perfectly serene demeanors, medical spa nurses have it made. 

The above might be what you picture when you hear the phrase “medical spa nurse.” Or you might not picture anything at all. In fact, maybe you’ve heard very little about medical spa nurses.

But they’re a very real thing and they play a crucial role in the field of medical aesthetics. Professionally named “aesthetic nurses” this group of specialists is anything but too tranquil to perform a serious job.

What you should know:

Medical spa nurses are actually registered nurses or nurse practitioners with advanced training and knowledge in the field of medical aesthetics. 

There are medical spa nurse jobs galore. With the most basic internet hunt on the subject, a researcher can find hundreds of jobs for nurses with such expertise. The same search that yields a bounty of employment results for medical spa nurses, entices potential applicants with great benefits packages, occasional sign on bonuses, discounted medical aesthetics treatments for the employee and their family, and often, ample paid time off. 

Medical spa nurse pay averages $70,511 annually to as much as $130,000 per year according to ZipRecruiter

The hype is right. Medical spa nurse jobs are as good as they sound!

Nurses that work in medical spas are in an industry that is growing rapidly. They are also among the hardworking elite who have capitalized on an opportunity that promises to grow in the the future. In 2018, the medical aesthetics industry reached unprecedented financial heights when patients spent more than $16.5 billion on cosmetic treatments. 

The aesthetic nurses who helped make that money for the industry by administering Botox, dermal fillers, laser treatments, and other non-surgical treatments are heralded with helping the industry continue to reach enormous summits. 

There’s a lot in it for you too though!

The relationship is symbiotic, however. In fact, aesthetic nurses get as much out of working for the medical aesthetics industry as they give. They receive great pay in a field that often has markedly less stress than a hospital or traditional clinic setting. Medical spa nurses don’t generally work weekends or holidays. They also enjoy more autonomy than many of their nursing peers. In a medical spa, they work in low-key environments that can feel much more casual than a sterile healthcare facility. 

And, maybe most important to some medical spa nurses, they have the satisfaction of knowing that they help clients obtain self-esteem and renewed confidence. 

The myths debunked: 

Okay, so medical spa nurses don’t actually spend their on-shift hours lounging in robes, sipping blackberry and sage infused water. They’re nurses improving the lives of other people as they work toward goals of improving self-confidence and self-esteem. By using minimally invasive procedures, aesthetic nurses can smooth away wrinkles and change the features of a profile. Their job is both incredibly important to the people that receive their service and rewarding. 

Be a part of the hype, learn more about medical spa nurse jobs and the training it takes to become an aesthetic nurse.

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