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Nurses Looking for Career Change

If you’re one of many nurses looking for career change, there’s no reason to feel guilt. Unquestionably, it takes a lot to do what you do and fatigue in healthcare is all too real. 

For instance, think of an all too familiar scenario: You are at the beginning of your three-day (or night) work stretch. Ahead of you lies three 12-hour shifts that you know will take you to the limits of exhaustion and beyond. You caretake and run for call lights and crush meds and answer to the incessant tone of beeping IV pumps. Because you are a registered nurse, you are a member of a noble profession. But you’re tired.

And that’s okay.

The struggle is real:

Without a doubt, nursing is a lot of work. It’s a lot of responsibility. Too often, nurses are asked to take on more of a workload than they should have to. Whether the problem is a hospital staffing shortage or coworkers calling in, nurses often bear the overwhelming brunt of burden on their shoulders. It’s especially difficult to keep multiple patients cared for and happy when there are more tasks to do than time in which to do them.

Of course, there are wonderful, banner days as a nurse. Those days are likely the ones you dreamt about during nursing school. When you were a fresh-faced new graduate (certainly before ever working a night shift) you thought mostly of the happy days. Unlike a few of your seasoned preceptors, you mooned over the idea of helping people. Likewise, you thrilled at considering the rewards that would come with doing your job well. Moreover, you thought of the days when you would make a positive difference. Nurses get to see people become parents for the first time. They get to witness people who never expected to walk again, step out of the hospital exit on their way home. Similarly, they cheer patients on when they learn that they are finally cancer free. 

But the bad days are hard. Really hard.

Maybe they’ve become too hard.

And that’s okay too.

You aren’t defeated but you are at the point where something needs to give in your occupation. 

Work should be gratifying, not exhausting.

Many of us spend more time at work than at home. Thereby it is essential to our mental and emotional wellbeing that our job is enjoyable and fulfilling.

Make the move to make yourself happy. Decide now to make a change and point yourself in the direction of achieving your goal. 

If you are one of many nurses looking for career change, you have come to the right place.

National Laser Institute is ready and waiting to be part of your next step. At our esteemed institution we have people standing by to help guide you on your journey toward a less stressful, gratifying career in medical aesthetics. 

Nurses looking for career change: Start here!

Undoubtedly, nurses looking for career change have a wide variety of options to choose from. There is hardly a shortage of available positions for registered nurses.

But if you want to make a real change in your career, and are looking for something entirely different, consider being part of one of the most innovative offshoots of the nursing profession. As an aesthetic nurse (also called a cosmetic nurse), you will be part of an exciting, incredibly lucrative part of your vocation that is taking medical aesthetics to new heights.

The time to advance is now for nurses looking for career change, especially when it comes to the flourishing field of medical aesthetics. In fact, medical aesthetics is one of the fastest growing jobs in the nursing profession.

But what is medical aesthetics?

Think of it this way: Traditional medicine focuses on healing the body, fighting and preventing disease, and discovering underlying conditions that cause said diseases. Conversely, medical aesthetics is more attentive to improving the appearance and regaining youthfulness and skin health. But medical aesthetics isn’t solely about beauty. It’s also about promoting people’s sense of self-worth and confidence. As an aesthetic nurse, you will spend your days helping clients achieve their physical goals of looking and feeling younger. With your help, clients will leave your treatments feeling fresh and renewed. 

The medical aesthetics industry employs tools such as laser treatments and injectables like Botox, Kybella and dermal fillers. 

What is the current state of the medical aesthetics market?

Booming isn’t word enough for what is happening within medical aesthetics. Recently many people have gone away from more invasive procedures like plastic surgery in lieu of minimally invasive and noninvasive aesthetic procedures. As our aging population continues to grow, so does the demand for the wildly popular aesthetic procedures. 

Recent reports tell us that within the medical aesthetics industry patients spent more than $16.5 billion in 2022. The jaw dropping number is only a drip in the pan, however, as the industry is expected to continue to boom. Overall, the Global Medical Aesthetics Market is forecasted to grow 9.9% annually to $30 billion by 2029.

To say that nurses looking for career change have a good future in medical aesthetics is a huge understatement. Nurses who find their way into the field, are setting themselves up for years of job security and financial fortitude.

What do aesthetic nurses do?

As a rule, there are several duties that aesthetic nurses do depending on their location and position. Aesthetic nurses can expect to administer treatments such as Botox (botulinum toxin), dermal fillers, cellulite reduction, Sclerotherapy, body contouring, skin rejuvenation, and laser hair removal among others. 

Where do aesthetic nurses work?

This is one of the most exciting aspects of the field of medical aesthetics! Nurses used to working in stringent hospital settings or busy clinics, are in for a happy surprise. Medical aesthetic nurses can be found in a wide variety of places working both full and part-time. They work in niche boutiques, plastic surgery offices, dermatology clinics, family practice offices, OB/GYN offices, fitness centers, medical and day spas and in many more places. Basically, if the facility offers Botox or other injectables like dermal fillers and Kybella, certified aesthetic nurses can be found. 

How much do aesthetic nurses make?

As with any position, salary for cosmetic nurses is based on a variety of factors. With this in mind, expect experience, degree and location of the position to factor in pay scale. Years spent working as an aesthetic nurse also play into the numbers.

There are a lot of great things about switching to become an aesthetic nurse. Money is certainly one of them. Data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics explains that registered nurse employment will likely increase 12% through at least 2028. The same site reports that RNs’ median annual salary is $71,730.

ZipRecruiter provides data detailing that the median salary of a cosmetic nurse’s is $89,976!

Think about it, that is an enormous difference in pay!

I’m sold! I am one of the many nurses looking for career change! How do I become an aesthetic nurse?

Well, this part is a piece of cake. At National Laser Institute we have the right tools and the right training to help you on your way to becoming an aesthetic nurse and making the career change you’ve been waiting for. 

In as little as two weeks you can leave our training confident in your new skill set and ready to take on the world of medical aesthetics. National Laser Institute offers a cutting-edge Online experience that works in conjunction with the needs of students and their schedules. You will receive classroom instruction and demonstrations on subject areas including Kybella, Sclerotherapy, Botox, dermal fillers, off label Botox and fillers, PDO threads, laser treatments and much, much more.


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– PDO threads

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