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Photofacial Online Courses Dallas

Online Courses Photofacial DallasLooking for medical aesthetic courses in Dallas? Consider taking our photofacial Online courses in Dallas. These courses cover everything you need to know to become a laser technician. Photofacials are in-demand! This industry is booming! If you know you want a career in this field then why wait? Keep reading to learn more about our life-changing courses!

Why get into the medical aesthetic industry?

This is a sixteen billion dollar industry that is only continuing to grow. Photofacial Online Courses in Dallas are in-demand as more medspas open up every single day. Know is the time to get into this industry. In a matter of weeks, you can become a cosmetic laser technician. That’s right, no need to go back to school for two years. You don’t need a bachelor’s degree or your masters. All you need is to be at least eighteen years of age and have a high school diploma/GED. That’s it! No other prior beauty or medical experience needed. The best time to change your life is always in the present moment. You never know what life will bring next. There is never a perfect time to start anything. So why not take a leap now?

Where can you work?

Firstly, in the medical aesthetic industry, you can work at a variety of places. Want to specialize in laser tattoo removal? Get a job at a tattoo shop. Only want to focus on coolsculpting and other body contouring treatments? You can find medspas that solely focus on those procedures. Sick of having a boss and want to work for yourself? You can open your own business as well! Many of our graduates have gone on to do so. Some have even ended up working on the corporate side of things. The possibilities are endless! Most importantly, we send our graduates monthly job postings! You’ll always know who’s hiring in the industry!

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Why take photofacial Online courses in Dallas? A Photofacial is a skin rejuvenation treatment. These types of treatments are highly sought out in the medical aesthetic industry. It is part of the many treatments laser technicians administer every day. During our program, you’ll learn how to give a photofacial. You’ll also learn other skin rejuvenation treatments such as:

  • Stretch mark reduction
  • Microneedling
  • Skin tightening
  • Chemical Peels
  • Radio frequency

Why are these treatments so popular?

You may be wondering why cosmetic laser treatments are so popular. With the rise of treatments that reduce the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, sun spots, and other skin issues, many people are obsessed with looking younger. Clients want glowy, youthful-looking skin. Think it’s just women? Think again! Many men are also wanting these treatments. Whether it is for personal reasons, romantic reasons, or professionals reasons, everyone wants to stay youthful!

Our Photofacial Online Courses in Dallas

Our Photofacial Online courses in Dallas cover everything! During the course, you’ll get classroom training as well as in-person hands-on training. You’ll learn how to administer treatments as well as how to assess your client’s skin. We teach you everything you need to know about lasers and laser safety. By the end of the entire program you will be able to:

  • Recognize the cosmetic client’s unique characteristics
  • Understand the fundamentals of how a laser interacts with skin tissue
  • Explain how different types of light-based devices interact with the skin
  • Identify safety issues and complications as well as recognize contraindications for various cosmetic laser treatments
  • Determine which types of laser treatments will create the desired results for your clients
  • Understand the hazards associated with cosmetic lasers and how to avoid them
  • Demonstrate proper technique and safe operation of laser and pulsed light devices
  • Explain the benefits, expectations, and results associated with several laser devices

Why Dallas?

Why come to Dallas? Getting out of your day to day routine is so good for your mind! Allow yourself to grow as a person as you meet new people and learn new things! Our students love their in-person experience with us. Many of them even create life-long friendships with us and leave with memories that they will have for the rest of their lives. Come to Dallas and have a life-changing experience with us! We promise you won’t regret it!

What students have to say

Want to hear what our students have to say? Here are a few of our thousands of testimonials:

“I had an absolutely fantastic experience at NLI!! I finished school Oct. 11th, flew back to northern Idaho on the 12th, and immediately started applying for jobs. Today I just got hired at a very well respected and the only board-certified plastic surgeon in Coeur d’Alene Idaho where I live!  The doctor that hired me said the National Laser Institute certification is what set me apart from the rest of the applicants, and was extremely impressed with my knowledge and understanding of lasers! I credit my schooling with some amazing instructors in helping and guiding me through the process with ease and making learning so interesting and fun!!”

“The staff is amazingly knowledgeable and truly encouraging. They sincerely want every student to succeed! Along with an amazing two weeks of class and hands-on experiences, I made some of the best memories I will hold near to my heart forever. I am truly blessed to not only have attended NLI but that my education at the facility helped me land a job with a dermatologist only three days after returning home! I will forever be grateful for the knowledge I gained from NLI, and the relationships I built while I was there.”


Take our Photofacial Online Courses in Dallas!

Ready to take our course now? We couldn’t be more excited to get you on the path to your dream career! Reach out and give us a call today!

During our Online Comprehensive Laser Course you will receive online classroom laser training with a variety of instructors and live demonstrations with several hours on each modality. Then choose one of our nationwide locations to attend your clinicals for hands-on learning!

Modalities include Laser Hair Removal, Photofacial, Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Radiofrequency Skin Rejuvenation, Coolsculpting, Cellulite Reduction, Tattoo Removal, Radiofrequency Skin Tightening, and Microneedling.

If you’re ready to get started in the medical aesthetic industry then give us a call at 855-637-4530 to talk with one of our admission representatives. They’ll answer all your questions and guide you through the whole process.