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Aesthetic Nurse, Entrepreneurial Seizure

In this edition of Louis the Laser Guy’s podcast series, “Pursue Your Passion,” Louis joins Alli, an aesthetic nurse who first entered the field after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

“Hey, I’m Louis the Laser Guy, and welcome to my podcast, ‘Pursue Your Passion.’ Join me on my journey as we discover how estheticians, nurses, physicians, and complete career changers are living their passion in this booming billion-dollar medical aesthetics industry.”- Louis Silberman, CEO, and Founder of National Laser Institute

Before National Laser Institute

aesthetic injector injects cosmetic injectable into woman's faceTo start, Louis inquires as to what Alli’s career looked like before she took CE/CME training at National Laser Institute to learn how to become an aesthetic nurse. In response, Alli says that she was a private-duty home health nurse. To describe her passion for her job, Alli said of her position that it was, “just like a glorified babysitter. It was fabulous.” To gain further insight, Louis states, “So you were babysitting people who are older and had issues and you took care of them at home.” Alli responds happily that she was, “like a companion. It was a lot of fun.”

An Epiphany

Next, Louis asks, “I’m just curious, after doing that for seven, eight years…you woke up one day and you said, ‘I’m going to try to do something different.’ What made you, what gave you that epiphany of wanting to try something?” To further shed light on her situation, Alli states that she “was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.” Alli goes on to say, “It was kind of life-changing and I just needed something that was a little different and something extra to do while the kids were at school.”

With concern, Louis wonders, “So when you got diagnosed with MS, were you thinking, ‘I need to step back, chill, work fewer hours, something more relaxing, but in the medical field’…was home nursing a little stressful?” To further explain, Alli responds, “Well, I was previously planning on being in the ER where I was an ortho tech before I graduated from nursing school and that was when I was diagnosed…then after finishing nursing school, had to go into a different realm because, you know, my immune system was all over the place.”

Botox, Fillers, Injections: Aesthetic Nurse

In continuation, Louis asks, “What made you think injections…how did that even cross your mind? Have you done them before yourself?” In response, Alli states that she has been receiving Botox injections since she was 26 and, “was just kind of fascinated by it and just thought, huh. So, I reached out to you guys and got my courses set up.”

After National Laser Institute

Next, Louis wonders what life was like for Alli after completing National Laser Institute’s aesthetic nurse program. With this in mind, Alli responds by saying she worked part-time for a little over a year and a half after her schooling. To continue, Louis asks, “Rumor has it that you then got crazy like me and decided to be an entrepreneur and opened your own gig.” Alli states excitedly,

“I did! I had an entrepreneurial seizure as I like to call it, and I opened my own business in the Salon Studios down here in Chandler…Still, something fun to do while the kids were at school, and then, the patient that I took care of for several years, passed away in April 2019…The company I worked for, didn’t have any cases to put us on…I had already started my business and I just dug my feet in deep and gave it everything that I had.”

To clarify, Louis asks, “So that’s been like two years now?” In response, Alli states, “Yeah, two and a half years. It will be three years, December 1st. Important to note, the world was captured by a COVID crisis during this time. With this in mind, Louis wonders, “Now, out of curiosity, March of 2020…did you shut down for a while, or what happened?” To shed light on this, Alli responds, “Well, I took some time off and I painted my house and cleaned my house and enjoyed my family…That’s what we did and then boom, when things could open back up, it was, what do we do?”

A New Beginning

On putting everything into her business, Alli states, “I have busted…and everything that I get from my business, I put back into my business. I still pay myself as an RN working bedside…I have brought in two aestheticians, and I’ve brought in lasers. We have all sorts of other cool equipment…I’m bringing in a new injector to go through your training on Saturday.”

Louis excitedly says, “Wow, you have evolved, my dear. So you went from…’You know, how do I even find a job?’…you land the job, you got somebody to roll the dice on you, and then you got some experience and now you are off in your own crazy world, like, man, I love that.” 

Alli continues by saying that she is “going to look on Friday morning at a 2000 square foot space, get out of a salon suite.” Louis excitedly responds, “Wow, you’re making moves, huh?” Simply put and with a smile, Alli responds, “I am.” To wrap up, Louis says,

“It goes to show people that, you know, whether somebody has multiple sclerosis or one of a million different autoimmune diseases…We have all got something going on, including myself. We have all got something out there and we can spend our waking hours and dwell on the problems and woe is me and how, how after this happened to me. Or if you say, ‘Okay, I got something going on, I’m going to work on it. I’m going to eat clean and exercise and do all the right things and work on it, chiseling every day to be a better person…Just on our goals and being the best person we can be and the more we take our mind from that present…to the future of where we want to be, it puts us in a better positive mental state, which is healing for the body…We become older…which is awesome. So that, to me, is a story in itself, which is awesome. So you should really be proud of yourself for not letting the MS pull you down, go, ‘I can’t do this. I got MS. I have to worry about my health.’ But moving on, which is totally healing for people. Absolutely, and you know what, it’s all what you make of it.”

In response, Alli agrees that “It is what it is. It could be worse, and I’m just thankful to be upright and walking and out there killing it for my clients and my tribe is amazing.”

A Bright Future for the Aesthetic Nurse

To wrap up, Louis cheerfully says, “Love it. They say that when you find a purpose in life and you find your calling, you find something that wakes you up and you want to go to work and you enjoy doing it. That’s the healthiest thing for the mind and body in the world.”

Alli agrees, “Work is never a four-letter word. We just go in, we kill it, and we have a blast!” To further information, Louis asks, “What’s the name of your business?” Simply put, Alli responds, “Flawless Faces.”

National Laser Institute

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