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Where Can You Get Training for Botox?

Hi I’m a RN looking into training for Botox. I was wondering what I needed to do in order to get trained. How long are training courses? Can I perform treatments on my own once I’m done with Botox training?

If you’ve found yourself asking similar questions to the ones above, know that you’re not alone! Tons of medical professionals have been interested in adding Botox training and treatments to their area of expertise and as the leading medical esthetic school, we’re here to provide you with answers.

Botox Training 101

Before you provide Botox to your clients, you need to become Botox certified. This means you should attend an accredited Botox course that offers hands-on Botox training and certification so you become confident and familiar with providing treatments.

How long does Botox training take? At National Laser Institute, you can complete your Botox certification course in as little as one, full day of training. For those who want a little more, we offer comprehensive injectable courses that range from 2-12 days and include training with treatments such as dermal fillers, cosmetic laser treatments, sclerotherapy, BHRT, skin rejuvenation, and tons more.

Once you’ve completed your Botox training course, you will be set with the knowledge to go out and perform treatments on clientele. National Laser Institute prides ourselves on the thoroughness and in-depth education we provide in each and every one of our training courses. Our instructors have had years of experience in this industry, so you’re truly learning from the best of the best. Plus we provide you with clientele for your hands-on Botox training portion, where you’ll clinically train in our retail medical spa environment.

National Laser Institute offers Botox certification courses for DOs, MDs, RNs, NPs, PAs, Dentists, and more. See what our previous attendees have to say about us in our testimonial video below!

If you’d like to learn more about Botox training and available courses, simply fill out the form on your right or call 800.982.6817.