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Study Shows Dermal Fillers Can Generate Youthful Behavior in Older Skin Cells

dermal fillersAccording to a University of Michigan Medical School study, dermal filler injectable treatments may be able to generate youthful behavior in older skin cells. Scientists involved in this study were able to successfully regenerate older skin cells by making them act like younger skin cells. The secret? Injecting dermal fillers into areas of fiber within the cells.

When our skin ages, our collagen depletes and our cells lose their connection to the extracellual matrix where our skin cells can be found. Dermal filler injectables act as a temporary cosmetic filler, lifting lacking areas of skin to create a firm and youthful appearance. However, it seems that dermal fillers may yield a more-than-temporary results.

dermal fillers replace lost collagenIn this specific study, 21 volunteers over the age of 80 received dermal filler injections near their buttox. Within three months, scientists examined that skin cells started to not only only produce more collagen, but connected better to the extracellual matrix within our skin. As a result, the skin didn’t just appear thicker–it grew thicker. Scientists stated that more blood vessels were found, which aid in nourishing skin cells.

“Fragmentation of the extracellular matrix plays an important role in skin aging, but by altering the matrix using an external filler and increasing the internal pressure, we’ve shown that we can essentially trigger a signal for cells to wake up,” Gary Fisher, Ph.D., the Harry Helfman Professor of Molecular Dermatology stated. “This [study] shows that skin cells in elderly people have the capacity to respond robustly in a very positive way to alterations in the mechanical property of their environment. We still need to know more about how cells sense their environment, but in general it appears we have made a real difference in the structural integrity of skin.”

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