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10 Reasons Why a New Job in Cosmetic Laser is Better Than a Boyfriend

Consider a job in cosmetic laser

Single? So what! Know what’s even better than a boyfriend? Working in a career you’re enthusiastic about. So many skin care specialists, aestheticians, cosmetologists, and those seeking a new career have chosen to gain a job as cosmetic laser technicians. And who needs a BF when you’re way too busy being happy with a new, fun job you love? Here are ten reasons why having a job in cosmetic lasers is better than a boyfriend.

10. You’ll have a dependable relationship with your work

You don’t have to worry about flake outs or arguments over who left the toilet seat up. Your cosmetic laser job is always there for you with clients patiently waiting to see you bright, shining face.

9. Your cosmetic laser job won’t cheat on you

Why? Because jobs can’t cheat. They also won’t mind if you begin to look for other laser positions so that you can better your career.

8. You’ll always radiate your confidence

Boys can make us feel insecure and unimportant, but not your cosmetic laser career. You’ll always been ready to rock when you walk through those doors. Bonus: you also give your clients a boost of confidence while eliminating their skin care concerns.

7. No jealously allowed

You don’t have to be worried about past exes with your new cosmetic laser job. In fact, it’s a pretty worry-free, carefree career choice!

6. You don’t have to worry about getting along with his friends

BFs BFFs take time an effort to win over, and sometimes you don’t end up liking all of them but pretend you have to since you’re dating. Your cosmetic laser job gives you the opportunity to make friends who love doing exactly what you do–making people happy through cosmetic lasers!

5. And you don’t have to meet the family

Instead you can go to happy hour with your co-workers who feel like family!

4. Your cosmetic laser job will always think you’re pretty without makeup on

Because you’ve tried all the treatments you specialize yourself and have incredible skin you can flaunt.

3. You won’t be roped into boring weekend plans playing video games

Cosmetic laser jobs are pretty flexible with many that offer both full-time and part-time positions, which means you can spend your time off doing fun things you like to do.

2. The “honeymoon phase” never wears off

Many cosmetic laser technicians have been in this field for several years and reported they still get a thrill coming into work everyday.

1. The breakups always lead to something better

There are so many career options for cosmetic laser techs–doctor’s offices, medical spas, dermatology clinics, and many more. Deciding to breakup with your current position in favor of an even better cosmetic laser job, that’s totally ok!


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