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These Tweets Tell You Why Laser Hair Removal is Becoming a Growing Trend!

I can sit here all day long and tell you that laser hair removal is one of the top nonsurgical treatments in America and that 87% of people who’ve tried it would definitely do it again, but I’ve taken to the internet to give you real, honest opinions regarding why laser hair removal is such a hot, in-demand treatment.

@marshalmack: I wish I didn’t have to ever shave. I might consider laser hair removal.

‏@_OMGia: I’m seriously getting laser hair removal when I get older. shaving is annoying lol

@HeyMsParker: I want to thank whoever developed laser hair removal…you are truly appreciated

@jshrags27: The side of the razor broke off while I was shaving so I have a long cut on my thigh ugh I should just get laser hair removal

@RadiantKat: That’s it, im getting laser hair removal, i cant thread my lip anymore.

@PoshATL4life: Soooo tried of waxing .. somebody please point me in the direction of a good laser hair-removal place!

If you’re one of the million of people who think waxing and shaving are not only a hassle, but sometimes painful, time consuming, and expensive, then laser hair removal is ideal for you!

Laser hair removal is different from shaving and waxing because the cosmetic laser is able to kill the hair follicle at the root while protecting the surrounding skin. When the root is dead, it cannot grow back. This then leaves you with silky smooth, hair-free skin. No wonder it’s all the rage!

Laser School at National Laser Institute

laser schoolBefore you step foot into a laser clinic, there are a few things you’ll want to know. First, you need to attend a cosmetic laser facility that has laser technicians who have been properly laser trained to work cosmetic laser hair removal machines. You may think you’re getting a good deal, but is a good deal worth compromising your skin? If a laser technician doesn’t know how to properly set up the machine’s settings for your skin type, you may be the one getting burned.

What about the other side of the spectrum? If you’re something interested in providing laser hair removal treatments, then laser training is for you. National Laser Institute offers medical professionals, aestheticians, health and beauty experts, and more laser training at their outstanding laser school with locations in AZ and TX.

The best part? Becoming a laser technician to perform laser hair removal takes only two weeks. That’s it!

National Laser Institute is the leading laser school in the nation and is proud to offer hands-on laser training as well as knowledgeable didactic lectures from experts. They are recognized as the Harvard of laser schools across the country and have earned many outstanding reviews. Plus, if you’re interested in laser hair removal they also have spas where they offer laser hair removal for a fraction of the retail price!

To learn more about laser training, laser school, or laser hair removal, please call 800-982-6817.