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Student Spotlight – Samantha Y. Giving Back with a Passion

Student Success StoryWe recently spent some time getting to know National Laser Institute graduate Samantha Y. and were struck not only by her drive and focus but also her sense of giving to others.

Whether she’s learning something new on her own or teaching what she knows so that it will benefit someone else, don’t expect Samantha to slow down anytime soon!

NLI: What were you doing before you enrolled at National Laser Institute?

SY: Before NLI, I got a cheerleading scholarship to Hawaii Pacific University and was living on Oahu for almost four years. Unfortunately, the first year I was there was the last year for the competitive aspect of the team. I worked four jobs and ended up moving back to Arizona in November 2015. I then worked at European Wax Center full-time and enrolled in night aesthetic school at Aveda.

NLI: What led to your decision to enroll at National Laser Institute?

SY: I knew I wanted to work in the medical side of aesthetics. I battled with cystic acne and knew what it’s like to be on the other side. I wanted to be able to give back and help as well as educate people in the health and beauty industry.

NLI: What surprised you most about being a student at National Laser Institute?

SY: Honestly? It was how well we as students were treated. We were treated as equals, and the entire staff genuinely wanted us to grasp this field fully. I was surprised how well every educator was able to bring a different view to the table—yet all the different teaching styles still coincided with each other to make it click.

NLI: If you had a few words of inspiration for others considering a career in the medical aesthetics industry, what would they be?

SY: My advice would be to take the jump with everything you’ve got. There’s never going to be a “perfect time,” but if you want something bad enough, you will make it work no matter what. Change is scary, especially if you’re comfortable, but you only have this one life to fulfill your passions, and no one is going to do it for you.

One thing that really stuck with me was when [NLI CEO/Owner] Louis Silberman said at our graduation, “You have to focus on plan A and envision it taking place. There is only plan A—no plan B—since giving up is not an option.” In my opinion, you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, because that is change that only you can control.

NLI: You’re already working in the industry. Tell us a little more about your current job?

SY: Right before I graduated [from NLI] my educator from Aveda sent me a screenshot from an alumni page on Facebook, and I got in touch with a medical spa in Scottsdale called LightRX that focuses on body contouring, skin rejuvenation, and hair removal for now. They’re based out of Michigan and new to the west coast, and it’s been fun to be a part of the growing phase.

I love the people I work with, and everyone has the same goal-oriented mindset which is so awesome, especially working with all women. They are all so uplifting and positive. It’s so nice to actually want to go to work and knowing I’ll be around people who respect one another as professionals and as individuals.

NLI: What’s the best part about your job?

SY: One of the most meaningful parts of my job is the fact that I know I’m helping people achieve confidence and a new, healthy mentality on how to better themselves. It’s so rewarding to know and feel the gratitude in a genuine thank you received. Another favorite is educating women on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and where to start. I’m a gym rat, for sure, and love helping others have a better understanding and comfort when exercising at home or the gym, as well as providing tips and tricks that help me.

NLI: Where do you see yourself in five to 10 years?

SY: I would love to have my own wellness center. Until then, I intend to gain as much knowledge and experience that I can throughout the years.

NLI: Assuming you have a little free time, where and how do you like to spend it?

SY: Free time or not, I love going to the gym five to six days a week and also enjoy being outdoors. I hopefully plan on doing another bodybuilding competition or two this year, but we’ll see. We go off-road riding on the weekends or hiking. I did my first 5K last year and plan on doing a few more this year! I just love staying active and being a busybody. I also love hanging out with my family and friends and spending quality time with good people.

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