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Graduates Give National Laser Institute Reviews Top Marks

“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.” Winston Churchill

We believe education is the true game-changer. Because of this, we’re honored to offer our students and graduates tools and world-class training that will help them flourish and grow, both personally and professionally.

At the National Laser Institute, our vision is to lead the medical aesthetics industry in promoting education. We’re passionate about helping our graduates succeed and advance. To achieve this goal, we created a comprehensive education program that meets people where they are on their career path.

Graduates Give National Laser Institute Reviews Top Marks

Are you considering a career in the medical aesthetic industry? We invite you to watch our graduate National Laser Institute reviews and start your journey. We hope you enjoy our graduate National Laser Institute reviews as much as we do!  

“I worked at Treasure Island as a cocktail waitress for 15 years. I wanted to go follow my passion in the beauty industry. I googled lasers and I found National Laser Institute.  Going through their program, I found it was fabulous. And after the 2 weeks I went out there and I handed out my resumes. And within 7 days I landed a job. It’s the best decision I’ve made in my lifetime.” Jodi DeCristo

“After graduating from National Laser Institute, I found myself with amazing opportunities working for high profile plastic surgeons, medical dermatologists and OB GYN’s. And it really was such an incredible, incredible experience. Being able to put to use all of my hands-on knowledge with laser hair removal, Photofacial, and fractional treatments and really can’t imagine having gone anywhere else. I really highly recommend National Laser Institute.” Lisa Styop

“A lot of people wonder, ‘am I too old to make this career change.’  And I can tell you right now, you’re not older than me! If you have a passion for making people’s lives different and better, if you have a passion for making people feel good, this is for you. I don’t care how old you are.” Sassy Estes

“I came to National Laser Institute and did my schooling. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it. The instructors were amazing. They are in the top of their field. I met some great people, and I did not want to leave when I left. But now I currently work at a med spa and I love, love, love my job! I love the customers and all the people I work with. I do laser hair removal, Photofacials, and laser tattoo removal.” Jenny Stonebrook

“You do the treatment and they make it so easy… so comfortable… you don’t have to feel like you’re going to mess up. The teachers are right there, your classmates are right there, everyone’s cheering you on. It’s so positive and you feel comfortable. So I was completely excited that I made this choice. Now I still work at the salon, but not as a receptionist, but as a laser tech. And it’s changed my life. I’m loving every bit of it.” Mindy Schneider

“The staff and the instructors were so knowledgeable and I felt confident in my experience there with only 2 weeks. And after just a few days of graduating National Laser Institute, I found my job and it was amazing.” Natalli Shaba

Are you looking for a new career or do you want to advance the career you already have?  As you can see from our National Laser Institute reviews, our medical aesthetic school offers a two-week, life-changing cosmetic laser training course. Students who attend learn everything from laser hair removal, IPL photofacial skin rejuvenation, radiofrequency skin tightening, body contouring, and much more.

To learn more about aesthetic laser training or the National Laser Institute, please fill out the form on your right or call 800-982-6817.