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Student Spotlight: Tammy Nunnally Starts New Career With Aesthetic Laser Training

Student Spotlight: Tammy Nunnally Starts New Career With Aesthetic Laser Training

Many of our graduates are career changers: they start out as hair stylists, retail sales clerks, and stay at home moms.  One of our recent graduates, Tammy Nunnally, is no exception to this rule.  She was a hairdresser for 27 years. Tammy is from the east coast and relocated to Arizona to raise her 3 children.  Tammy realised she wanted to get back into the beauty business and she wanted to expand into lasers, something she was always interested in but never pursued.

“I was actually at a med spa here in Arizona and overheard them discussing they were going to hire a laser technician. And they said the school they wanted to hire from, which in their opinion was the best, was National Laser Institute,” says Tammy.

Tammy went home and researched the National Laser Institute online and was in class a week later!

“The instructors were all magnificent. Each one brought something different to the table. I loved all of them. I learned so much. It exceeded my expectations. After graduating from the National Laser Institute, I sent a message to my dentist to see if maybe he wanted to put a laser in his office.  He said he didn’t have the room, but he referred me to a doctor down the hall, who was a homeopathic doctor. And I had a job there in two days!” exclaims Tammy.

Tammy Nunnally was able to start her new career with the aesthetic laser training she received at the National Laser Institute.

To learn more about how you can become an aesthetic laser technician at the National Laser Institute, simply fill out the form on your right or call 800-982-6817.