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Cosmetic Laser Technician, Tracy

Kristin, Shelly, and Kelly, join with Tracy, a jack of all trades cosmetic laser technician, to gain further insight on her journey to follow her dreams.

“Hi, I’m Kristin. Hi, I’m Shelly. Hi, I’m Kelly. We’re cosmetic laser instructors at National Laser Institute. Join us on our journey as we share stories of empowered women stepping outside of their comfort zones. Our graduates are pursuing a new passion and finding their purpose with cosmetic lasers in the booming med spa world.”- Kristin, Shelly, and Kelly

cosmetic laser technician performs treatment on a patients legsTo start, Tracy is from Olympia Fields, Illinois, about 40 miles North of Chicago. Tracy’s decision to join National Laser Institute’s esteemed graduates was decided when National Laser Institute arrived at her school to perform a demo. With this in mind, Tracy chose to expand her business and add to her repertoire of treatments. Before National Laser Institute, Tracy worked at a salon microblading eyebrows while studying to become an aesthetician. In addition, Tracy worked in a corporate environment as a senior contract manager.

“I believe the National Laser Institute is the holy grail of the laser institute industry.”- Tracy

Cosmetic Laser Technician

To continue, when asked why Tracy decided to go to school to become a cosmetic laser technician, Tracy replied that she knew the business was booming! As well as that, Tracy speaks about how it is a great field to be in and that it is a business that provides continuing education. In addition, Tracy goes on to say that, “you’re continuously learning and running a business. You want to know all the latest and the greatest technology and tools…where you can grow and expand your business because clients want services and you don’t ever want to say, no, I don’t provide those services.” As well as that, Tracy knows that she has National Laser Institute to fall back on to continue furthering her education.

At first, Tracy was originally more interested in the body contouring treatments National Laser Institute taught. However, Tracy was surprised to discover how much she connected with the ideas behind laser tattoo removal. In addition, Tracy goes on to describe that there are many reasons for someone to want to undergo laser tattoo removal from a cosmetic laser technician.

Making Personal Connections

Oftentimes, a person would want laser tattoo removal for emotional and personal reasons. Tracy connected with laser tattoo removal because she has a scar from a traumatic incident in her life that she would like removed. So for Tracy, she really empathized with the personal or painful reason someone would like something removed. Moreover, Tracy goes on to say that laser tattoo removal is, “not just a service, but a life changing procedure that can literally change somebody’s life by erasing a bad memory that someone has.”

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is a treatment that removes tattoos by breaking up the pigments in the ink with high-intensity light energy. As well as that, laser tattoo removal uses Q-switched technology to target the ink. Once the pigment breaks down, it safely flushes out through the body’s lymphatic system.

laser tattoo removal progress made from a cosmetic laser technician

Why Do People Undergo Laser Tattoo Removal?

  • Getting over a past relationship: There are many people who show their love for their significant other by getting a tattoo in their honor. For example, people get their significant other’s name on their body. As well as that, others choose to get a matching tattoo with their significant other. Sometimes, the relationship doesn’t work out or has a painful ending. Due to this, they want to have the tattoo removed.
  • Different styles as time goes on: From the first tattoo to the last, each piece of artwork tells a story. Sometimes, the story has changed and a person is attracted to a different style or aesthetic. A lot of times, people will undergo laser tattoo removal because the design for them is, “outdated.” For example, a client can outgrow a tattoo or the person they were when they first received their tattoo.

Other Reasons for Laser Tattoo Removal

  • Desire for new tattoos: Moreover, a person might want laser tattoo removal because they want to make room for something new. Tattoos are beautiful pieces of artwork expressed on the human body. Sometimes, people come up with new ideas, new patterns, or new designs that they want to incorporate with their other tattoos.
  • Career: Although the stigma of tattoos is disappearing, some institutions require that you have no tattoos. Some institutions are less strict and only require no visible tattoos. Many who are pursuing a career in law enforcement or the military undergo laser tattoo removal to further their career.
  • Regret: Along with time passing and things changing over time, people change their world views as well. For instance, a person might have held a particular observation that is obscene, rude, or is generally regarded as an unpopular opinion. With this in mind, as time goes on, people change. Due to this, they may no longer see the world in the same way and have left behind the unpopular perspective or attitude. Now, they desire to undergo laser tattoo removal to remove the negative influence or perception.

National Laser Institute Trains Cosmetic Laser Technicians

Furthermore, when asked how Tracy feels about the foundation that National Laser Institute set up for her, she replies that she feels confident. Moreover, Tracy felt confident in her medical aesthetic education because of how well National Laser Institute taught its courses and arranged its continuing support.

National Laser Institute provides resume and employment search services following graduation. A vote of confidence in National Laser Institute is a vote of confidence in yourself. To continue, Tracy feels happy about the support National Laser Institute provides and, “knowing that you have a fallback, you have somebody we could come to if we have questions on the manufacturers and their representatives that could teach us how to use the machines and the technology. That’s an ongoing relationship.”

Cosmetic Laser Technician Training

Finally, Tracy went on to say that she felt like each instructor offered a different experience than the next. As well as that, she felt the passion, the energy, and the expertise each instructor had to offer.

“If people are on the fence about the National Laser Institute and what school should I go to? Hands down, National Laser Institute will take that worry and stress out of trying to make a selection….It would be something that you would not regret, it’s a great investment and you will get a great return on that investment.”

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“Finding your purpose isn’t only about making great money, it’s about so much more. It’s about tapping into your passions and chasing your dreams.” – Louis Silberman CEO


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