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Beauty in the Boardroom: Attracting the Male Executive

Beauty in the Boardroom: Attracting the Male Executive

It has always been a commonly accepted fact that the typical spa client is female. However, what if it was possible to change this? The International Spa Association reports that approximately 70 percent of spa guests in the U.S. are female. With the overall U. S. population much closer to a 50/50 gender split, it is easy to see that spa professionals are missing out on a large portion of the population – men.

What a lot of beauty businesses do not realize is that men can be great spa clients if the time is taken to reach out to them.

The same forces that drive women to a spa can be used to encourage men to try it out as well. Men face increasing social pressure to spend time caring about their looks in order to attract both romantic and professional interests. In an attempt to achieve desired results, men are becoming more open-minded to trying new things when it comes to looking their best.
Men in the corporate world face the challenge to look their best everyday and many of them would be glad to have a little help. As a man climbs the corporate ladder, the pressure to look good increases. After all, nothing goes better with a suit and tie than rejuvenated and wrinkle-free skin.

beauty-in-the-boardroom-attracting-the-male-executiveUnderstanding the Hairier Sex 
Before reaching out to men, it is important to remember a few things about them. The life of an executive is demanding, fast-paced, and leaves little time to spend obsessing over time-consuming beauty rituals. These men are used to moving quickly and getting things done. In order to convince them to try a spa treatment, it is imperative to anticipate their needs and desires.
Men, especially those who are not used to going to a spa, tend to be uncomfortable in environments that are overly feminine and flowery. Unfortunately, spas typically fall into this category. Overcoming this perception is essential to attracting male clients.
Men are also solo creatures when it comes to grooming rituals. Men rarely venture out for a day at the spa with their male friends and would often like to keep their beauty techniques private.
Executive men spend a lot of time in the spotlight. A large part of their work day consists of interacting with employees and other large groups. For these men, aging takes on a whole new meaning. They are forced to confront every new gray hair and wrinkle while in the public’s eye. Providing them with a way to continue looking their best for an audience will go a long way towards convincing them to try a spa treatment.
Men in the corporate world have money to spend. The challenge in convincing them to try a spa service is not about the price as much as it is about the stigma associated with spas. To attract male clients, this must be overcome. It is crucial to show men that they can benefit from a day at the spa, whether in the form of attracting romantic interests, relief from sore muscles, or scoring a promotion.
Executive men strive to be on top, and looking great is an important factor in being successful. A study in the Journal of Economic Psychology found that people considered beautiful earn up to 12 percent more than their less attractive colleagues do. The study also found that good-looking people receive a better social response from their clients, coworkers, and customers. Many employers look for these qualities when awarding promotions in the office. Letting executive men know that spa services can help them look better and boost them up the corporate ladder will have them lining up outside the door.

Marketing to Men
Company executives are easier to reach than one might think. By targeting the workplace, it is simple to connect with a large group of potential new clients. The key to attracting men in their workplace is unexpected, eye-catching promotions.
In order to reach multiple companies at once, look into the resources a company offers its employees. Many larger companies create booklets or operate company websites that feature discounts at local businesses for their employees. In a click of the mouse, hundreds of people will be able to see information about your business. A brief listing for the spa with a description, address, website, phone number, and special discounts placed in one of these locations is a sure way to attract more men.
Contacting the HR department at an individual company is another resource for finding new clients. This part of a company is the hub for employees and has the ability to beauty-in-the-boardroom-attracting-the-male-executivereach them more directly. Create a special deal just for that company and approach them with an upbeat attitude. Strike up a conversation with them; treat them as a friend, not as someone from which you want to take money. Convince them it is in their best interest to let others know about this discount. Dropping off fliers at a company’s front desk without having a connection will almost surely end up with the fliers landing in the garbage.
Do not forget the power of a free gift. If the proper contact at a company is not responsive, send them a unique treat that will get the office talking. Many specialty food companies create snack arrangements, such as potted “flower” arrangements that contain chocolate covered strawberries in place of blooms. Be sure to include more than enough for one person to encourage sharing and ensure multiple people hear about it. The more creative the gift, the faster the word will spread throughout the company.
Many large companies with their own cafeterias host events during lunch, such as health fairs, which provides an excellent way to reach men in the corporate world. By the time noon comes around, the day’s job stress has sunk in. This creates the perfect time to promote relaxation. Tap into this by hosting an interesting booth with giveaways that entice people to come into the spa for a treatment. Signing up for a booth during a health fair is often free and gets you directly in front of the elusive male demographic.

How to Position and Market Treatments
Marketing spa services to men requires a different type of thinking than marketing to women. Women love the standard “look younger, feel fabulous” line, but it is not going to cut it with men. While women will gladly spend a day at the spa when given the option, men tend to balk at the idea of getting a mani/pedi. This elemental difference is the reason why it is so much harder to get men into a spa. Attracting male clients requires a bit of creative thinking and revamping.
Start by looking at the offerings on your menu. Think about ways to give existing services a makeover to help them appeal to executive men. With the right selling points and phrasing, traditional spa services can be just as popular with men as they are with women. Here are some examples of how to tweak some of the most popular treatments on
the market:

Traditional and High-Tech Facials
Men have come a long way from the soap-and-shave skin care regimen of the past. As they become more educated about the benefits of newly developed skin treatments, men are more willing to branch out to try new things.
Many men consider facials a feminine service. If you have any hope of selling any to them, the treatment needs a little man-ification. For example, chocolate facials are a popular novelty treatment among women. When trying to appeal to men, sometimes a simple name change is the only thing needed. As an alternative, try calling it “The Organic Cocoa Pore Cleanse.”
If you decide to create a new facial treatment, avoid overly flowery components. Instead, try combining interesting ingredients of a more masculine and earthy nature. These include maple, beer, and organic root or bark extracts.
For a more futuristic approach to the facial, photo-facials offer the perfect solution to those hard-to-treat skin conditions. One of the top skin concerns that make a person look old is the dreaded age spot. Fortunately, a photo-facial can remove age spots in as little as one to two treatments. Men who have not tried medical aesthetic treatments like this may be skeptical of the results, so it is very important to include before and after photos in your marketing, advertisements, and collateral.

beauty-in-the-boardroom-attracting-the-male-executiveLaser Hair Removal
Light-based hair removal is another treatment that is perfect for men. Because this treatment is closely associated with women’s legs and underarms, it is important to educate men on the benefits the treatment holds for them.
Something to note is that many body-conscious men already choose to shave their arms, back, chest, and legs to gain a sleeker look and accentuate muscles. Tap into the demand for advanced hair removal by touting the convenience of ditching the razor. Emphasize how a hairless body improves the look of the male physique and makes them more attractive to their partners. Giving men the option to skip the ingrown hairs, razor burn, and breakouts associated with shaving is a great way to satisfy client demands and boost your revenue at the same time.

Manicures and Pedicures
Untrimmed, dull fingernails are a definite faux pas for any business individual. However, the high-gloss sparkles and fierce colors associated with the mani/pedi are the last thing a guy wants to show off at the office. In order to make these services more man-friendly, consider the corporate world’s demand for well-groomed employees and introduce an “Executive Manicure” for the sharp businessman – incorporating a deep tissue hand massage with masculine-scented oils to keep them from feeling like they are “getting their
nails done.”

A long-time favorite of the tired and overworked, massages are just what a busy executive needs after a stressful week. Make treatment selections stand out by creating masculine-driven massages, such as “The Golfer’s Massage” for the physical sportsman that focuses on the shoulders and arms. Creating distinct relationships between massages, men’s health, and athleticism makes these treatments desirable to even the most spa-clueless men.

Creating the Perfect Environment
When marketing to men, it is important to remember that different environments attract men and women. Flowery decor, pastel colors and large, open spaces are all things that make men squirm. However, it is possible to create a space that caters to both men and women by following a few quick, inexpensive tips.
The first big fix is as simple as a bucket of paint. Move away from colors like lavender, baby blue, and pink. Instead, use a more gender-neutral palate of seductive, earthy tones such as chocolate brown, gray, and sage. This will create a comfortable environment for men while still providing the rich and luxurious feeling women love in a spa.
Most men are concerned about where they are seen and what they are seen doing. Even the slightest misgiving about a spa environment can scare away a potential client. Creating a welcoming and private treatment environment is a must.
Make sure to cater to multiple senses when giving a spa a mini-facelift. The scents and sounds of a spa are just as important as the color scheme. Choose scents with a more masculine undertone such as cinnamon or sandalwood.
For spas with an open layout, create an enclosed area away from the girl talk. A simple and elegant way to do this is with room dividers or curtains in the same color scheme as the rest of the room. For spas with individual treatment rooms, consider making a special executive-themed room with a TV for male clients to catch their favorite sports game. Adding these simple touches can transform any spa into a retreat for both men and women.
Reaching out to the male demographic should be a focus for any spa that wishes to stay competitive and grow its clientele. Use these tips as a starting point for attracting corporate men to an already successful spa business. Once they realize how great a spa treatment can be, the only challenge will be getting them to leave.