Posts: Aesthetician & Career Changers

  • Arielle Gilfix

    I really enjoyed my time here at NLI. All the staff was amazing and they were very knowledgeable…. Read more »

  • Kathleen Devers

    I am so happy I made this decision! I am so excited about adding this to my cosmetology… Read more »

  • Britney King

    I really enjoyed my learning experience at NLI. Everyone at the school was so incredibly sweet. The teachers… Read more »

  • Kayla Newland

    I am 100% positive that I won’t regret coming to NLI! It’s a great experience that will prepare… Read more »

  • Holly R. Justus

    I am a career changer and coming to NLI was the best decision to make. The knowledge of… Read more »

  • Samantha Ruzol

    What an awesome, amazing school! Kim Phelps was my rep and she was such a wonderful person to… Read more »

  • Ally McIntosh-Arias

    Going through this two week laser course has been the best experience I’ve had in a very long… Read more »

  • Kelly Pratt

    I am so happy that I chose NLI! What an amazing school! I can’t believe how much I… Read more »

  • Terri Erd

    The National Laser Institute has provided me with the proper education, knowledge, and hands-on training that I feel… Read more »

  • Peggy Foroythe

    I took the 8 core course and it was great! All the classes and instructors were very educational…. Read more »